Friday, November 14, 2014

Deconstructing DeKalb

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

So the D.A. altered the video. Just damn.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

City of Brookhaven Take Lessons From the Mob

The City of Brookhaven take lessons from the Mob when it comes to doing business with strip clubs and other businesses.

After a long running legal battle for the Pink Pony to stay open, they have submitted to be shaken down by the city.

The Pink Pony will pay the city $225,000 per year for six years to stay open. This is in addition to property and sales tax.

So, if you want to run a business in Brookhaven, you probably are going to have to pay the man.

Cedric Believes Ferguson MO Chief Should Resign

No, we think Cedric "The Entertainer" should be the one to resign.

It's obvious he has a problem with the justice system.

We would lay odds he is in the same camp with those who think the Grand Jury system should be omitted.

Click here to read more.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Bad Day In The Big Apple

A MAN wielding an axe has turned a busy New York street corner into a scene of bloody chaos, chopping one cop in the back of the head and slicing a second cop in the arm before two other officers shot him dead on the spot.

 Some news outlets are reporting the axe attack has possible ties to Islamic extremism. The attacker’s social media profiles feature hate-filled posts aimed at the US government.

 ISIS recently exhorted its members here in North America and in Europe to execute "lone wolf" attacks on government buildings, workers, police and military targets. So far, there has been a vehicle attack on two Canadian soldiers, killing one, a rifle attack in Ottawa killing a soldier before shooting up the Parliament Building, and now an ax attack in New York wounding two cops. In each case, the attacker was eventually killed by authorities, but they inflicted extensive damage before being neutralized.

 They're here boys and girls. They're here and they're waiting for an opportunity. Be aware.

Friday, October 17, 2014

We Just Have To Share This

Video has been taken down at the owners request.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

So, What Makes Her Any Different?

Ex-DeKalb commissioner Boyer will get full pension benefits. Click here to read AJC article.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Message From Robbie Robertson, Pension Bd Retiree Rep

It’s great that someone is actually reading the pension board meeting minutes. The board worked diligently to get a pension board website hosted and ran by the pension board. The minutes posted on this site are a legal document and are approved by the board prior to posting. This assures the members and retirees are getting accurate information.

In reference to your questions, the majority of business conducted at the regular meetings is standard investment and monitoring of the pension fund assets and managers. As a pension board we have no control over, benefit improvements, health insurance, or reduction in benefits or colas. That is totally in the commissioners hands. We are charged with managing the pension assets, and your board along with our consultant Callan & Associates has outperformed the 100’s of public plans in Callan’s data base over the last several years. Yes, the pension board did make a loan to the county for the early out and the loan amount was around $14 million. For clarification, the county is paying the loan back at an interest rate of 7.5%, and they are making their payments as required. This is not only monitored by the board but the board’s actuary the Segal and Company.

As far as the Cola for retirees this has been addressed numerous times and is an ongoing process. The pension fund is only funded at approximately 64% and as fiduciaries of the fund we cannot recommend a cola without funding. The CEO and Board of Commissioners are looking at several recommendations from the board to implement a cola, but this will have to be funded by the county at this point.
As far as attendance to the meetings, over the last three years I have only missed one meeting by being in attendance or calling in. If there is an issue that requires a controlling vote I can vote at two meetings yearly via phone, if I am needed to make a quorum or there is a need to be in attendance the chairman lets me know and I am in there.

Lastly let me thank you for taking the time to visit the pension website and reading the meeting minutes, if more people like you did this there would be a lot less rumors floating around.

Robbie Robertson
Pension Board Retiree Rep

Changes Coming at Magistrate Court

We have spoken and Cedric has listened. To make prisoner security safer at Magistrate Court, Cedric has decided that all prisoners should be transported in transport vans. Thats it.

We feel safe now.

Where is the F.O.P. on this?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

So Much For Loyalty

The powers at be have an odd way of showing loyalty, especially to the ones who have been loyal to this department for nearly a lifetime.

 It's more then a shame that someone who has given so much to a department, to it's officers and to the citizens of DeKalb County, are basically forced out. Experience can not be replaced. The wealth of knowledge acquired over the years will never be replaced.

It appears the boys club has become threatened in some way. Maybe their intelligence has been challenged, and now they are  in a position to make themselves feel superior. It's really hard to command people who are smarter and have more respect from the line officers than the one holding rank.

Speaking of intelligence, the command staff wallers in an orgy of promotions and demotions, just to be promoted again. Until this department shows respect and loyalty to the ones who have carried it on their backs, it will be nothing more than a scandal ridden circus act.

Out with the old, send in the clowns.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Officer Shot at Magistrte Court

It was only a mattter of time before this happened. Having to escort accused felons to court in the open was bound to get one of us shot.

Magistrate Court hearings should be in the jail, in a secure area. What metro area department escorts their prisoners in the open?

So what will you do Cedric? Will you step up as a leader and demand changes? This is an officer safety issue and has been since your first day here.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

So, Exactly How Do You Measure Productivity?

Nice slant Cavanaugh. How convenient to cut off the officer's answer when he was asked if he was pressured. He answer was not.

He wasn't pressured, he was just a bad cop.

.............and Credic's peeps say:
“The DeKalb County Police Department does not have a ticket quota system.  Our department consists of dedicated and hard-working men and women who come to work every day and put their lives on the line to protect and serve this community.  Like any law enforcement organization we do expect our officers to uphold their  sworn duties.  Those duties include,  implementing and enforcing methods that ultimately reduce crime and protect law abiding citizens.  Our constituents deserve nothing less than this type of exemplary service and every member of this organization has the shared responsibility to achieve this mission.”

Monday, September 22, 2014

Some Argue for Cityhood. Others Argue Against

From No

The 2014 legislative session ended, and Lakeside failed to get their referendum on the ballot. What does the landscape look like now for future cities?

Why Lakeside failed
Lakeside board members thought that since they had the support of a powerful Republican in the legislature, they could get their way regardless of what the public thought.

However, an avalanche of calls and emails came in from a public that did NOT want to be railroaded in a low turn-out election into a ill-conceived ego-trip for local wannabe politicians. The strongest voice came from Tucker, a 100-year old community that did not want to get gutted by a land grab. And the legislature listened (it didn’t hurt that a former DeKalb GOP Chairman with a kick-ass rolodex was a Tucker booster).

The first response of the chairman of the board of Lakeside, Mary Kay Woodworth, was to say that they were throwing in the towel.

“We’re done and we won’t be back,” the AJC quoted her as saying on March 18th. “[T]hese people don’t listen,” she also said.

[An aside: in my experience, those complaining about others 'not listening' are in fact very upset that anyone has the nerve to disagree. It the most common grievance of the children in my house]
Bill sponsor Sen. Fran Millar, also, seemed inclined to throw in the towel in the face of adversity. “I don’t think the Senate has any appetite for any cities anymore, nor I do,” Millar said. He was adamant before the House Committee that he would not sponsor any city bills in the future.

A change of heart – for some, maybe
LCA, at least, appears to have changed it’s tune. Days after saying they were giving up, they announced that they were in fact going to try to come back next year. Lakeside claims they have managed to get Rep. Mike Jacobs, who last year spent half his time supporting Lakeside and half his time claiming he wanted nothing to do with Lakeside. Time will tell whether I-love-you, I-love-you-not Jacobs will actually put some energy into an issue that affects NONE of his own constituents, even as his vanity project, Brookhaven, crumbles into corruption, infighting, incompetence , and wasteful litigation with businesses, neighbors and itself.

There is significant question as to whether Jacobs will make it through his primary, as he is facing stiff competition and an influential Republican Web site has painted a target on him.
Meanwhile, former board member Kevin Levitas posted a slightly unhinged, angry rant on neighborhood listservs in which he claimed he was ‘formerly’ on the board. He is still on their Web site; it is uncertain who may still be on their board, or if they are finally just wrapping up their 501(c)(3) and reorganizing under a legally appropriate structure.

Can’t we all just get along?
No, apparently.
Both Lakeside and Tucker claim any compromise from last session is completely off the table, and they plan to continue slugging it out anew. Who can say who will win? My bets are on Tucker, since they managed to rout Lakeside, even though Lakeside had a headstart and one of the Senate’s battering rams on their side. They have a better justification for cityhood, and they definitely were able to bring some power of their own to bear.

Briarcliff is ever the decent, friendly kid who for some reason no one will be nice to (they are the Butters to LCA’s Cartman). Briarcliff was the target of Levitas’ recent rant, which had a long bulleted list (complete with subdivisions and subparts, a good lawyerly rant) about why everyone should show up to Briarcliff meetings and yell at them.

Briarcliff appears to making genuine, good faith efforts to learn from their mistakes, build consensus, and try to be better and stronger and create a jurisdiction that lifts all boats and doesn’t screw outside communities. Time will tell whether their reasonable, non-partisan effort will bear any fruit; given the nature of the GA Assembly, I am not optimistic about their chances.

And at the end of the day, they have some huge hurdles that I don’t see how they overcome. While LCA wants to make a big deal of their lack of a sponsor, I am confused by that–Lakeside lost their sponsor, not Briarcliff, as Mary Margaret Oliver hasn’t gone anywhere. She is a Democrat, though, in a legislature that won’t give anything to Democrats.

The bigger problem is that they envision a city centered around the Emory area, which sounds lovely, but Emory wants none of it. And Emory, as the largest employment center in DeKalb County, has a heck of a lot of clout. I don’t see how Briarcliff ever gets done when Emory makes it clear they are opposed. Druid Hills and Emory know they would likely be better off annexing into Atlanta.
LCA refuses to participate in any event or meeting that they cannot organize and control themselves. They refused to come to a forum sponsored last week sponsored by Briarcliff, because they might have to answer questions they could not vet in advance. They did not show up at the Civic Association Network’s forum this Sunday. The are, however, going to show up at the Oak Groove Festival Sunday, May 4th from 1to 8 p.m. It’s a rare chance to talk with them in a unscripted moment.

County efforts
There are some in DeKalb County who understand that this issue is going to keep resurfacing, and that maybe they can get ahead of it by municipalizing the whole county–choosing a way to divide up the entire county so every citizen has certain services provided on a more local basis.
One would think that those say that all cities are good would think this is a GREAT idea! Of course, they don’t, because they don’t support cities unless they are tailored to suit specific political agendas.
That said, the county may give us all reason to howl, if they create a city map that looks like their the infamous proposed new School Board Map.

And then we get to the nut of the problem, and why I am skeptical of new city processes, especially ones based around arbitrary lines. Who draws the lines? Whoever is drawing them is probably going to be drawing them in such a way as to push their own agendas and power plays. It is possible to analyze data in such a way that political lines can be drawn that don’t serve personal agendas (such as how california revolutionized their house district lines by taking out gerrymandering, and kicking out 25% of their incumbents in the process.

Anyone who would support that kind of agendaless process for drawing municipal lines would get my vote. Until then, the smartest thing is to say no.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Commissioner Boyer Resigns

 What about Sharon Barnes? No double standard here, surely.

Sunday, August 24, 2014