Thursday, July 30, 2009

April & May 2009 Pension Statement

Click Here for the April & May 2009 Pension Statement


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, It looks like we are at least making a little money on our investment, combined with employee/employer contributions, we are 50-60 million ahead of where we were in January. Beats heck out of last years massive losses! Keep up the good work, pension guys!

Anonymous said...

Dekalb Officers. Thanks for getting the pension board to keep us in the loop.

Anonymous said...

DeKalb Officers. Thanks for getting the pension board to keep us in the loop.

A note from DeKalb Officers. We have contacted some Pension Board members offering them the use of this blog as a tool for updates. So far we have not heard back from them.

The information we provide our readers is gathered from our own efforts. We doubt the members of the Pension Board find our blog to be serious.

But we will keep you informed as timely and accurately as possible without desired help of the pension board.

Thank you for reading.

Anonymous said...

You stated " We doubt the members of the Pension Board find our blog to be serious."

Was there ever any question about how the Pension Board, the County Commissioners and the White Shirts ever take/took us? Do they really take us seriously or really care?


They want calls answered and a lots of tickets. That's why they place so much value on gullible rookies/ticket nazi's. They're not interested in crushing crime or real police work.

Anonymous said...

I have always bee a bit miffed and amazed of the uUNwillingness of our pension board and the representatives we elected to keep us informed. Maybe we shouldn't take them seriously either . Maybe next election we should specify that we expect them to communicate with us. If they are, I never get the info. The only info I get is from Dekalb Officers Speak. A while back people asked specfic questions about what the pension board did awhile back and there were no answeres posted. What gives?

Heavy Jimmy Jamma said...

I have to say before Mr Butler became a member I NEVER heard anything from our pension board. IF you have access to your e-mail account you would see that he sends out statements on the pension. If you do not have access get with someone that does and have them make a copy of the statement.

Are the statements not being posted at precincts for those with out e-mail access?

Anonymous said...

Our pension board should be forced to do a news letter to keep us informed. Other pensions do that why do ur "representatives" do it?
I think we should hire a watchdog to keep an eye on them if they don't want to keep us informed but I do thank the man on the board who has recently made an attempt to keep us informed but I never receive any information at all except for this web site.This pension is going to matter a lot to all you younger guy's in a very short time. You should make them communicate with us.

Anonymous said...

LoFlyer , with the big rally in the market since March we should have mad more than what you said" a little money"

Anonymous said...

Was Jones allowed to "buy back time for time served in the Georgia general assembly or not?
That seems very odd to me if it is true. If so why are we not allowed to buy back time for similuiar related service? Why won't our pension reps give us an explanation ? Not making any accusations. Just want to know.