Sunday, July 26, 2009

Now Taking Applications For The "Valet Parking" unit.

At least APD's policy states employees with take home cars must be "designated as first responders for emergency incidents".

C.E.O. Ellis' new policy of take home cars is weak and easily manipulated. He relies on our command staff to designate who needs a take home car. The most obvious problem with that is our command staff, with the exception of Director Miller and Acting Chief O’Brien, are all Terrell Bolton appointees. That alone speaks volumes.

Look around, we have people who live as far as Dalton and Carrolton. Our policy states any person with a take home car must live within 30 miles of the county line, nothing about responding to an "emergency incident".

When is the last time Lt. Kaulbach, the commander of the Field Officers Training responded to an emergency incident? When is the last time ICP responded to an emergency incident? When is the last time any aide responded to an emergency incident?

If all the people assigned take home cars responded to an emergency incident, we would have to have a “valet parking” unit, just to meet the demand for parking.

The madness continues!


Anonymous said...

Wow! We will never move forward until yall stop hating on each other.

Oooh yeah the whole uniform division needs take homes. We are the backbone on the department

dedicateddkpd said...

Let me first state I do not have a take home car. Secondly what is up with this blogs infatuation of take home cars? Does DKPD want to model themselves after APD? I think not! But in this instance it benefits your point. What about agencies that have take home cars for all officers? Why not post one of their policies and ask why DeKalb doesn't emulate that, answer-because it doesn't help make your case.

As I've stated before good for Lt. Kaulbach or anyone else that has a take home car. It's been my experience that this county will take everything it can, when it can. If you are able to get something back then do it! If during your ten hour shift you find yourself getting upset over the fact someone has a take home car and you believe they shouldn't, get over it.

Anonymous said...

I want a car to drive back and forth to work,I will come in if you call me.

If you call me and I don't have a car I will still come in to work.

Instead of number of miles , lets get the minutes it will take to respond.

Who lives in Dekalb except Chief Helms and Major Higdon?

Anonymous said...

At least with departments such as Gwinnett and Sandy Springs, all uniform officers have take home cars which gives the appearance of more police on the streets.
The problem with DeKalb is take home cars are reserved for the "haves" rather than the "have not".
Even though Bolton has been fired, his people are still running this department. What a disappointment.

Anonymous said...

The question that needs to be asked is why do you need a take home car? Are you on call and do you respond to crime scenes? If the only place you ever report is a precinct, you don't need a take home car. It is an unnecessary perk.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised we don't already have a Valet Parking unit to support the sea of Reserved Parking spaces and the fleet of black Crown Vics found at 34.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on take home cars, we don't get 'em because it would be a benefit to the oncall personell who get called in regulary, and would cost the department extra money for maintenance that could be better used for hiring consultants.
Now what REALLY go me steamed up today, was two Emails from our bosses, one from District 4 Commisioner Sutton's COS "Please join us in welcoming Judy T. Brownlee to District 4 as our Communications Director. Judy is no stranger to general government for she recently served as a consultant to Dekalb County Stormwater Management Program where she provided marketing, planning and communications services. Many of you may know of her as she was employed with Lou Walker’s public relations firm – Paragon Productions Inc.

Judy can be contacted at 404.371.2204.

Update: Currently, Michael Armstrong is serving this office as a community liaison and is no longer permanent staff.

Valerie S. Grigley
Chief of Staff, District 4
Commissioner Sharon Barnes Sutton".
Now what in the hell does a part-time Commissioner need with a full time Communication director? What does the fracken executive secratary or administrative aides do? As can be seen J. Brownlee is politically connected and M. Armstrong less so, hence the loss of pay and job. Just how many people are employed by a single commissioner? 5 or 6?
Now let's move on to Email number 2 from our beloved CEO Ellis, righter of wrongs, and defender of the poor, proclaiming the dedication of the Drew Vally storm water facility. You will note the heading on the right hand side. Not one, but two fracken' Communications officers!
Shelia Edwards
Chief Communications Officer
Phone: 404-371-XXXX
Cell: 404-964-XXXX
Kristie N. Swink
Director of Communications
Phone: 404-687-XXXX
Cell: 404-862-XXXX".
Here is the directories listing for the CEO offices, telephone numbers are deleted.
"Burrell Ellis 371-XXXX
Chief Executive Officer
Nina Hall 371-XXXX
Special Assistant
Karen Williams 371-XXXX
Executive Protection Unit
Deputy Carl Mobley (770) 912-XXXX
Deputy Hunt 379-XXXX
Investigator G.M. Sugden 583-XXXX
Keith Barker 371-XXXX
Executive Assistant/Chief Operating Officer
Myra Hagley 371-XXXX
Administrative Assistant
April Atkins 371-XXXX
Administrative Project Manager
Vacant 371-XXXX
Special Project Coordinator
Robin Giles 371-XXXX
Administrative Coordinator
Philippa Brown 371-XXXX
Chief of Staff
Monica Hayes 371-XXXX
Administrative Assistant.
I count eleven in the directory plus the two communications officers leaving 13 administrative staff serving just one individual. What the heck does an administrative scheduler do with five other admin assistaants available for the job? Before Vern, it only took five staff. And thats not just all, several other sections work directly for the CEO's office, Arts and Cultural affairs, Communications, Economic Development and others bringing another 40 staffers under the CEO's direct control.
The growth of the executuve staff for the BOC and CEO offices over the last decade is unprecidented in DeKalb government, and hints to a lot of waste withen the top leadership of DeKalb Government.
My solution as always is to assign a grand jury to look into the issue.

Anonymous said...

The perks of the job should be simple:

Live within the city/county limits of your department, you get to take your car home. You live OUTSIDE of the city/county limits of your department, though crackers! No if, no ands, no buts!

Anonymous said...

Who wants to take a dented up (because the county does not repair), nasty (because most of our officers are disgusting), filthy, germ capsule that most of us can't wait to get out of after 10 hours and park it in their driveway. There is a reason that I don't live in the county and that reason is does not sleep where they poop!

Anonymous said...

Can we have a take home car policy for uniform? It will boost morale, it will be a great recruiting tool and decrease the crime in the county.

We have a large investment at first but it will pay off in the next 2 to 3 years.

I know the officers will clean the streets, enforce the law and bring in revenue to the county.

Get recorders court on track so people can pay their tickets on line with in 72 hours of the infraction. Give MPO'S and up takehome cars.have officers to stop and assist with 41,75,80 and 53's hanging on corners.on their way to work and going home at the end of their shift.

We should make it harder for PO1 and P02 to make MPO.WE give MPO away and then they do not want to F.T.O (what up with that)

Blog author let's do some good and if you can help people change policy and get Bolton out of here.

Let's see what real influence u have can u do some positive things instead of starting mess and undermindin the Chief and Director. What about a take home car program for Uniform? We make the money with tickets.if you want to see some serious crime reduction I'm sure take homes will be the solution.

Anonymous said...

FTO - why does everyone not want to be one?

1. Too much paperwork that is always being kicked back.

2. Rookies that know more than their FTO.

3. What good is a vacation day if we don't have enough officers to take vacation.

4. How many more hoops do I have to jump thru in order to actually USE an FTO comp day. Just credit my account on Kronos and make it simple. You can do it for donating blood, why the hold up on the FTO program.

5. There is still pressure to get the rookie released.

6. Did I say the paperwork is a real pain in the rear that is never right the first time....yeah I know...we're all slackers who turn in sloppy J2.

Anonymous said...

The take home program should be a perk for officers who choose to live wthin their respective jurisdiction. It's unlawful to mandate that government employees live within their jurisdiction in which they work but by doing this, it will get more DKPD officers living, working and playing within the county. APD did a similar program like this years ago with the Housing Authority to help officers purchase homes within the city, i'm not sure what happened to it.

Fulton PD doesn't do take home cars nor does any other jurisdictions. DKPD really needs to get over this, "Me too" mentality that is starting to take over this blog. It seems like whatever Gwinnett or Atlanta is doing, Dekalb wants to do it, no matter the costs or need of it.

We have too many other things to worry about other than take home cars. What about the jails that keep releasing people we lock up on serious charges, judges who keep giving them probation, commissioners who refuse to fund us properly and so on. Take home cars is at the bottom of my list.

Anonymous said...

And another thing, i'm not a revenue generator, I AM A POLICE OFFICER. I took this job to clean up the streets not bring home the pork! Lets not forget that fellas!!

For all you "traffic specialists", no matter how many you write, the upper brass will not be happy. Just know that.

Slamin Ethel said...

Blah,Blah, Blah shut up you whiners and be damn thankful you have a JOB right now.
We are not getting take home cars and if we did I wouldnt park a POLICE car in my driveway to announce to everyone what I do for a living, what are ya'll stupid.
It's not we are like by most of the general public, who will now know that a cop lives in that house only to go and rob when you go to work, or sling some rounds down range when your kids are outside playing.
Rock on Chief O'brien!

Anonymous said...

Lo you mean to say that the CEO's wife is on his staff??? Phillipa Brown?? WTF?

Anonymous said...

I doubt it, or at least hope not! I looked at Ellis's web site and it merely mentioned his wife, Philippa, I certianly hope her maiden was not Brown! I am sure there are folks on this blog that have a much better knowledge of Ellis's family than I, and could step forward with an explanation. I sure hope I haven't opened up a can of worms here....

Anonymous said...

All of these comments from people suggesting take homes should only be for people who live in the county have obviously never been in an on-call role.

Most DeKalb officers don't live in DeKalb because DeKalb can be broken down into two types of neighborhoods: those that can't afford and those with very high crime rates. Could you imagine having to call your Sgt and telling him you're going to be late to work because your marked unit is sitting on blocks?

Taking take home cars away from people who live outside of the county is stupid and will increase response times for on-call people. Some people in the county are on-call even when they aren't officially on-call.

Anonymous said...

It's not illegal for a department to require its employees to live within its jurisdiction, a lot of northern departments require it. Boston, for example, requires a year of residency in the city to get hired and then you must live in the city for 10 years after getting hired.

The reason DeKalb doesn't require officer to live in the county is because our police department would have about 150 officers and we wouldn't be able to recruit anyone.

As an officer and resident of the county, I certainly wouldn't mind an incentive to live here.

Anonymous said...

There is no incentive on this planet that would make me want to live in DeKalb County again. Even though I was born there and have family that still lives there, no volume of money, nor perks of any kind would work for me.

Most civilians wouldnt understand this concept but I will try and explain for those who read this: Imagine having to arrest a violent burglar or shoplifter who lives in your neighborhood, and then seeing him in the grocery store, while you are off duty, later on in the week after he has posted bond. This person hates you now and blames you for his arrest. (yes this happens) You have your wife and kids with you.............and he remembers you. If he doesnt confront you in the store he will at least see the car your driving and he may even follow you home.
Now does it make sense why most of us wouln't even consider living in DeKalb County. Take home cars would never be an incentive for officers to live within the county limits. Also, do you really think an off duty officer, after busting his tail for 10 hours will actually stop some suspicious person on the side of the road when he just got off duty and is dead tired and is looking forward to spending his sleep time (either day or night) in court?

Unfortunatly DeKalb isnt Mayberry RFD and we live and work in reality where take home cars could never work in DeKalb for all us officers who dont have the right connections that some have.

Anonymous said...

If someone follow me home they are going to meet my good friend Mr Remington and his distant cousin Mr Rock River.....

Anonymous said...

I don't know where some of you guys live.. but i live in a place where parking a police car isn't a problem. If you are concerned about parking a police car in front of your house.. then perhaps you purchased in the wrong neighborhood. Lt Kaulbach and the rest of ICP need a take home car like Mike Vick will speak at PETA's annual convention. I remember last xmas when the called icp out and they whined like 2yr olds..

Anonymous said...

ICP does need take home cars.

They need them for the neighborhoods where they work off duty. They need them to park in front of clubs or restaurants where they also work J2.

Sour grapes...yeah....I used to work J2 where the owner said we were no longer needed. Funny, I hear ICP now logging on off duty. Guess I'm just a slug who couldn't stand there and make sure the place didn't get 44'd again.

Anonymous said...

No, Burrell's wife isn't a part of his least not the staff in his office. Probably considers herself part of his home staff. The two names are close but I know both them personally and they definitely are two different people.

Anonymous said...

If you get called out, you get a take home car . PERIOD. Does anyone here have the gut's to make good policy?

Anonymous said...

Anon22 thanks for the clarification on Philippa, I saw pictures of both and they looked very different, but you never know what a fews years can do to a person.
As for the take home vehicles, I am encouraged by Ellis's ruling. There is no reason for my department NOT to allow on-call personnel to take a vehicle home. Management doesn't want to discuss it, but they can't avoid me forever!

Anonymous said...

If someone follow me home they are going to meet my good friend Mr Remington and his distant cousin Mr Rock River.....

July 29, 2009 2:57 PM

I agree completely with you on this. I left after I watched an 44 perp, holding a handgun (Armed Robery suspect to you civilians out there) run right by me while I was off duty and cooking hamburgers on the grill in my back yard and watching my young daughter play. A FOR SALE sign went up in front yard the next day!

Anonymous said...

Philippa Brown and Philippa Ellis are two DIFFERNT people.