Friday, November 13, 2009

Thankful For What?

First the commissioners stopped paying us for unused sick time. Now they are not paying us for working Friday November 27, which is a holiday. They also are taking the holiday away from those who just happen to be on a regular off day that day. Commissioner Stokes says, "It's just one holiday". We say to Commissioner Stokes: You're an idiot.

Over all it amounts to a 10% pay reduction for everyone during that pay period. Of course the pay reduction will appear on the first check of December, just in time for your last minute holiday shopping.

It is being predicted the 2010 county budget will be in the tank even more than 2009's. Grab those ankles ladies and gents, because the county commissioners have more in store for us.

Oh, and just in case we forget to mention later; Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

I bet if we stopped writing tickets, the BOC would get the hint. Maybe if they spent the budget money for actual bills instead of buying votes, we wouldn't be in this fix.

Anonymous said...

It seem strange that CEO Ellis and the rest of the commissioners ran their campaign on "Public Safety" and they will do all they can in the name of "Public Safety" now that elections are over and these commissioners are in place for another 3 years its screw Public Safety..."its just one holiday" It's time to hold them accountable for their actions. I sent them emails and they do not thats useless.

Since i have to work that day...i guess it will be plan B all day

Anonymous said...

Hey Lee May, WTF are YOU sacrificing? I think some of the board members need to be laid off with their inflated salaries.

Ain't Working On Maggie's Farm No More said...

Since we are not being paid for working on the 27th, we need a one day ticket strike. We owe it to the citizens to answer 911 calls and continue to fight crime in general, but I doubt the public would be outraged if we refused to write a single revenue generating citation for 24 hours.
It's time to make a statement!

Slamin Ethel said...

Well its time that ol Ethel speaks up again, hell I bet some folks thought I was a gonner.
Ms. Stokes sounds as bout as stupid as Kiesha Williams with her " But im a county Employee" statement.
Look im damn glad to have a job but if we have such a shortfall dont blame the economy blame that corrupt ass Vernon Jones, I bet his wallet is fat.
Go after him, or Judge Walker for the 120 million plus missing from recorders court.
There are several ways to trim out the pork you start with the non essential jobs.
I really do beleive that there will be a blue flu to get Decaturs attetion.
We write more and more citations only to let the money go to an already corrupt court system still being run by the same ol lame judge who mis managed the money.
Can we really be sure that it is being spent the way it should hell no!
So why bust our asses I say when now our pay is being taken away, a ticket slow down worked many years ago.
Instead now we have invented a ticket writing unit called TRAC, guess what folks you are not going to see a cent of this money your making the county in a form of a raise.
Now with my ranting I will concede that we are getting the tasers back so I thank the powers that be for this.
But tasers dont put food on my table, I simply cant eat an electric charge for 5 seconds and get full, instead what I will get is an empty bladder from this.
Sell those dumb ass buses and use the money to cover our day off they just sit there anyway.
Now leave me be Ethel needs to be slapped around a tad more!

Anonymous said...

I'll be damned if I write any tickets on the 27th! I'll answer my calls and that is about it.

Anonymous said...

If you work for me on the 27th and you write a ticket, you will be told to reduce it to a warning.
Dont come in with any citations for if you do then you are a part of the problem and not the soulution!

Anonymous said...

Warnings Warnings Warnings......get a stack of them if you must......NO TICKET FRIDAY!

Beef Stick said...

Well I'll be just damned, what kind of dumb ass statement is that.
I call on every officer on the 27th not to write a single citation not even on a 41.
Im sure there would be cases where you just cant determine who would be at fault its not that difficult.
Its time we take a united stand against the people who are running this place.
Causing the county to loose revenue makes a loud statement, and also serves to show that we too have strenght in numbers.

Anonymous said...

Heyyy welcome back Slamin you were missed by me atleast.
But look I to agree with every poster on here, seems to be a hot topic.
I do wear a gold badge and have to agree that you can make a difference but it takes everyone.
So stick together lets see what we can accomplish.

Anonymous said...

I wear a gold badge too. It would make me proud if I had no tickets to log on the 27th!

Help I just got pickpocketed said...

Why are we focused on the 27th ONLY?

I don't know about yall, but my pay is being decreased for the ENTIRE pay period by 10%. So for those two weeks, I'm working for a salary that I didn't agree to. The commission just picked my pocket.

I feel like a pledge at the Snob Fraternity in Animal House. As our rookie's will probably say " Thank you,Sir! May I have another?"

Gold badge said...

Good lord Connie what have you created with that dumb comment.
Well let me tell you a firestorm! you have just created a bigger defecit by causing the officers working that day not to write citations.
Its easy math, no citations = no money! duh.
You know officers have known about this coming for a while now and probably would have just taking up the aaa.
But now your comment has undermined their intelligence, so Mr Ellis you may want to prep Ms Stokes prior to sending her before a microphone.
She has just cost the county more money, what a dummy.
FYI to the officers working that day I too do not want to see any citations turned in.

Anonymous said...

I concur why worry about that day only, the county can survive that.
It will take weeks to get their attention.

Anonymous said...

The county thinks they can just arbitrarily change our pay whenever they feel like it? It sounds like they think they have a lot of discretion!

Officers have a lot of discretion when it comes to writing tickets. If the county wants to exercise its discretion, we need to exercise ours!

Everyone needs to write a ton of warning tickets! If you write no tickets, that could be considered neglect of duty or a ticket strike. But if we write a ton of warnings, we're still being productive. After all, per the county manual, tickets are not meant to be a source of revenue!

We need to write a ton of warning tickets until this wrong is righted, starting immediately!

Anonymous said...

Anybody seen my turtle?

Anonymous said...

you will still get to banked the Friday holiday and use at another date

Anonymous said...

Well I know one thing - Friday morning, November 13th, at approximately 8:20 a.m. I watched no less than 13 cars pass a school bus that was stopped, lights flashing and picking up kids for Henderson Middle School; not going the other way on the road but rather right beside the school bus. This has been brought to the attention of PD and others several times but is ignored. Don't understand it. I have absolutely nothing but the utmost respect for police officers, my son is one in Ohio, but this passing the school bus is a daily occurrence. Why isn't something done about it?

Anonymous said...

does anybody know is the BC are taking a mandatory comp day and isn't make me take a comp day illegal if I don't want it just for the record plan b all thanksgiving week

Radio, is ICP logged on? said...

To the school bus watcher....

Have you called your ICP officer? He or she isn't answering dispatched calls and should have time between community meetings to cycle that reserved, brand new, low mileage patrol car to your neck of the woods.

Have you tried calling Major "Kool-aide"?

Sorry to say it, but uniform officers are busy answering dispatched calls. At that time of the morning, day watch is trying to catch up on the calls that started stacking up while they waited for patrol cars, gave them the once over then finally loaded them up.

Anonymous said...


The economy is really bad so I don't see anything wrong if there are warning tickets given to our good citizens. Lets give something back this holiday season. They will be happy and have more money for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Not writing tickets and not generating revenue will only lead to more furlough days!

Anonymous said...

Be thankful you have a job. Here we are complaining about how bad it is and how were getting a pay cut. So much negative comments. This has been going on for years. If you didn't see it coming then your blind. I quit complaining cause what is it gonna do? The same thing every time, brings you down, start thinking positive. There always light at the end of the tunnel. I may not agree with some of the changes but there is one thing. I like what I do and I have fun... give warnings to those who deserve it and warrants to those who don't. Now that's productivity without giving citations.

Anonymous said...

News Flash! If Judge Walker was collecting fines and enforcing laws like she was supposed to, we wouldn't be getting furlough days!

Try this: tell your Sgt. that you lost your dorky pilot hat. See what happens to you! Write up or suspension! Or, I have an even better idea! Tell your Sgt. you lost your patrol car! You don't know what happened to it! What's a patrol car worth? $30,000? $40,000? I'll bet you are looking for a new job pretty quick! But Judge Walker can lose millions of $$$$ and gets to keep her job!

Nov 27-Jan 1 NO TICKETS said...

Lets cut the good citizens a break this holiday season...WARNINGS WARNINGS for the perps in dekalb keep slamin them they dont pay tickets anyway mabey in 2012 recorders court will issue a warrant for failure to appear.

Anonymous said...

We all need to be thankful that we just have a job, so many this Thanksgiving Season are not so lucky. Yeah, grant you I'm not happy either, but there is really nothing we can do.

Just be thankful for what you have.

Anonymous said...

Hey Commissioner Lee may, what sacrifice are you making?

And can we get a retired officer or firefighter to run against Connie Stokes when her term is up? Now I know why they call her "Clueless Connie". She isn't the sharpest elected official to say the least.

Anonymous said...

Who is trying to save$? DA's office sends everyone to Brass Town GA for a couple of days, all expenses paid, gee maybe.. just maybe...should have nixed that one. What did that cost? Anyone?