Saturday, March 13, 2010

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Steve Schwaid, news director of CBS Atlanta has in fact contacted us and confirmed the folks at CBS Atlanta "talked internally about the shooting of the man who attempted to attack police and the wording of the report". (Click here for 'What Is Up With CBS?)

Mr. Schwaid went as far as to say "we did not properly describe him. We should not have called him a victim."

We applaud Mr. Schwaid and CBS Atlanta for addressing the wording of the initial news report. We accept this as an apology and will move on.

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Anonymous said...

I thank him for that as well. I do.
But I guess I'm just a cranky ole' skeptic though, so I'm not completely satisfied yet.
They put that impression out there to the world - is there any sort of 'public' apology or explanation for those who don't read this blog?
Was there any dialog with you about their understanding of what the real issue was, with mention of taking conscientious measures to make sure they are more sensitive to this issue in the future?
And from what I've seen, Mr. Schwaid still has not addressed the ridiculous story by 'Donut Boy' on the parking issue?
Sorry - wish I could be as magnanimous as you, but as I said, my skepticism makes it difficult for me to accept a shallow and incomplete 'apology'. If there's more to it, then please feel free to straighten me out.
Ima Citizen

Slamin Ethel said...

Ethel will not be satisfied until she is watching CBS46 and hears a public apology and retraction.
Yes an email is a start,but hell anyone can send an email.
I want to see the donut boy himself stand in front of headquarters on live tv and denounce his actions.
All the time while a crowd of officers stands before his sorry ass and watches.
Heck maybe Ethel and I will eat donuts as we watch.
Oh and for the anonymous writer who said Ethel "wouldnt make a pimple on a real officers ass", I sure as hell hope ur right!

Anonymous said...

The donut boy antics pissed a lot of us off more than the guy who called the dead guy a victim. Donut Boy needs to see the error of his antics also. He is still a jack ass till we, all poilce officers, get an apology. That whole donut thing is gettin real old anyway. Where else is there to take a break in the middle of the night anyway..waffle house, Dunkin...tell me where...donut boy .