Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sometimes The Police Can Be Their Own Worse Enemy, And Squirrels Have Lucky Days

A.P.D. officers are busted by the media parking in "no parking" areas in downtown. One officer could not resist talking to the media and get his "15 minutes" of fame. His answer of "I didn't see the fire hydrant" ranks right up there with the perp question/answer "who me?"

Oh, and the ear-buds from his ipod or whatever, was a nice touch too. We're pretty sure there's a law against that too.

We don't mean to bust on you brother in blue, but damn!

The story by Adam Murphy of CBS Atlanta did it's job of embarrassing the Atlanta Police Department which will lead to stricter parking enforcement by the department. He should have stopped there.

But no, he couldn't resist a follow up with the typical "cop/donut" jokes that is more suited for Youtube than a major television news station in the Atlanta area. His second part was not news. Unless you find it to be news to watch a squirrel stand in traffic without getting run over.

Adam Murphy's email address is:

Did we mention Adam Murphy's email address? It's:

Oh, and get a comb Adam.


Anonymous said...

You should alway try your best to park in a legal spot. I know for a fact there is no other parking at that court house unless you plan on paying for it. Unlike our court there is no free parking for officers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Must be a slow news day.
Re the donuts - is he trying to be funny? (It's not) What am I missing??
For real, I figured they're there for a valid reason, and I really don't care if it means they are able to get their business done more quickly so they can return to patrol or whatever.
SO many more interesting things they could be reporting on. How lame.
Ima Citizen

Anonymous said...

Did you know when a officer has to go to court in Fulton that it cost close to 30 dollars to park.

Ask some of the officers who attend the ALS Hearings.

The county does not reimburse these officers for parking.

It cost more to prosecute than what the defendant gets after the hearing.



The Easy Fix said...

Police Parking Only signs...

You know, the city of Atlanta could remedy that situation in a heartbeat.... just erect "Parking for Police Vehicles Only" for two square blocks around the courthouse. Get rid of all that Free Public Parking.

Funny you mention the Ipod earbuds..... look at all the Dekalb officers who think the earbud is an APPROVED uniform accessory.

Anonymous said...

I would not take the 2nd piece seriously. Just playing up to stereotypes.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Adam could salvage some of his credibility by looking into the fact that Officers are expected to pay out of their own pocket to park when they are at the court house for job related matters.

I wonder if he paid for those donuts out of his own pocket, or if he turned in an expense report to CBS 46?

With all of the problems in Fulton, DeKalb, and Atlanta governments, THIS is what he decided to do a story on? Come on, Adam, you can do better than this!

Anonymous said...

Oh, come ON !! You know, if you followed Slamin' Ethel's comments, you would see that she has a most wonderful sense of humor, and is LOADED with common sense. Her direct approach is refreshing at times when it is most needed.
Girl, if I knew who you were, I would relentlessly 'slam' you to retire and run for a BOC position. (Run Sharon, RUN!!)
Enough bullsh!t. Can you imagine?
Ha! Yay-ahhh!

Anonymous said...

Adam darlin' - you must learn to look at the BIG PICTURE. Get 'em in, get em' out. WHY aren't there designated spots for officers to park (for FREE) ?????
(Maybe you should have a convo with Wendy S to understand the importance of supporting police officers.)
How about doing a story on how the criminals are taking over the city??
You're making it so difficult to refrain from calling you things like "dumb ass". But I won't.
(PS - I am NOT a cop, and I DON'T live in Fulton Co.)

Anonymous said...

Who watches CBS news?

Anonymous said...

Not really worried about police parking illegally, probably numerous reasons. But the iPod...ear buds in both ears? Seeing increasing motorists on the roads with earbuds in (including a UPS driver.) Not many play their iPods at a soft level

Anonymous said...

WOW, Adam there is a reason why you only go to restaurants. Adam why do you think Wendy gets the respect and you didnt? Because no matter what your problem is with cops, everyone still calls them when they need help, directions, counseling, advice, etc. You are no better then a perp when you dont have common sense about parking issues. No that you brought out this story you just cost Atlanta tax payers an expense to put up new signs for "Police Parking Only". Stick to your restaurants and keep real reporting to Wendy.

Anonymous said...

Try doing the donut routine out of sight of the camera you wuss.All that abuse and Fulton County said the SO could park in front of the court house as a security buffer makes the donut routine a pure slam on us...The other APD guys and all of us need to make sure we practice what we preach. Personally I never do anything on duty that would bring insult on mt department or law enforcement in general. The news guy is still a jackass and a wuss.

Anonymous said...

wow what a loser! he looks like some college talkin jerk who just wants to start something.

also, someone I know mentioned the fact that he'll park in the fire lane in there's a fight (or something to that effect) inside. He's not going to spend 20 minutes looking for a parking spot because if he does that, then maybe it'll escalate into something else with fatal results. I don't think Adam thought about that.

Anonymous said...

As a TV guy who hasn't used a comb in years, I defend Murphy's unkempt hairstyle. But I can't defend these stories. Sorry, Murf.

Anonymous said...

Channel estrogen at it again. See how it rubs off...

Anonymous said...

Hey Misogynist - the female reporters at this station haven't done anything NEARLY as aggregious. So from my perch, looks like the testosterone is the problem, not the estrogen.

Slamin Ethel said...

Sice Steve wont respond about this, here is what Adam sent me back the other day.

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: Adam Murphy
Sent: Sun, March 7, 2010 5:21:23 PM
Subject: Re:

Thank you very much for your email. I appreciate your opinion. Some of our viewers wanted to know why police were allowed to park in no parking zones so we decided to take a light hearted look into it. I apologize if this upset you. I had no intention of offending anyone.

That said, there could have been a real problem if there was a fire downtown considering a patrol car was blocking a fire hydrant outside municipal court.

Thanks again for your email and I do appreciate the work of police officers.

Adam Murphy
CBS Atlanta

From: Slamin Ethel
To: Adam Murphy
Sent: Sun Mar 07 18:25:19 2010

I'm not sure if you have ever needed the police, but good luck when you do. You don't have a clue why we park where we do, perhaps it's because the government's we work for don't have parking for their own officers. This is generally the case, although I don't agree with parking in these places but it's that or pay from our own pockets.
Now it should go without saying that with layoffs, furlough days and pay cuts we cant afford to pay for this. We do not get reimbursed for anything, so we can either miss the court that we are subpoenaed to and let the maggots walk free among the society we ,including you live in. In which case would make the world a worst place to raise my children.
Now maybe your fine with that I don't know and don't care to be honest that's your call. But I would think that you would research this prior to spouting off your mouth about free donuts.
Take the high road Adam, you may never know just when you will the need the help of a donut eater, due to being a victim of a crime that runs rampant in Atlanta.
I hope you and your family will never become a victim , but we are the minority in the world today food luck to ya.