Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Case Is Proven For Police Reserve Unit

The county is slashing private security guards from government buildings, meaning, beat officers will be pulled off the streets to take up the slack. In turn, the citizens of DeKalb County go unprotected while their neighborhood officer seats in a building, at a financial cost probably double that of private security.

Not included, are the 4 officers permanently assigned to building housing our fine C.E.O., Burrell Ellis (and you thought the "elite mentality" of Vernon Jones was gone) and the officer assigned to guard the Maloof Building.

If Burrell Ellis and the commissioners are really interested in protecting our citizens, they would implement the police reserve unit and let these officers guard these buildings, at no cost to the taxpayers.

Oh, we forgot, logic and government can not coexist.

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Luke skiwalker fong said...

Great Subject, we can utilize the newly retired officer's who are leaving in a month or so. I think that we should also have the reservist handle screening, transport wagon's, building security and foot patrol at special events.

This will keep the retired officers active and able to keep their part time jobs.Wow! that's a great idea.

We should have them volunteer 3 days (30 hours) a month in return for 30 hours of part-time jobs. This will have to be closely monitored so the retired officers won't think that they can kick their feet up in the Lt's office and talk about old times. ( they must work)

That's called using your resources wisely.

Anonymous said...

Most county facilities do not need security, if our county officials were not so obnoxious, they probably wouldn't need security either! There are a few facilities that need more than what they have. The Scott Candler water-filter plant and the county data center need to have some serious security. The filter plant because it is big and important because we only have one for the entire county. County IS because there is also only one, and the county is dependent on computers for everything nowadays. (CAD's system is independent)
What I dislike about county security is that it is for the most part ineffective and time consuming except for where it counts, the jail, the courthouse, Juve CT, etc. Otherwise security is by cooperation, as long as everyone cooperates then everything is fine, the renta-cops except for one exception are almost universally lazy security guards and not much better at information or directions. If someone does decide to be uncooperative there is absolutely nothing the guards can do but grab the cell and call for help.
PS, I truly love the guards at the Roadhaven W&S facility. They might not move fast but they are conscientious and courteous, they always give me a "have a blessed day" when I leave....

Anonymous said...

We definitely need a police officer (active or retired) stationed at the entrance to headquarters, instead of a security guard. How can I walk into the headquarters of a major police department and not find a police officer to talk to? There's a security guard and then a civilian screening person. What a joke. Dekalb wants to be put on the same professional level as NYPD and LAPD! Haaaaaaa,, please!!

Anonymous said...

The most unsecured areas of the county overnight are our precincts. No secured parking for officers' private vehicles or police units. I can go to every precinct at 3am and destroy enough police units to basically shut the department down. Securing these precincts overnight would be a perfect job for the reserve officers.