Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Audacity!

While we are suffering at reduced pay and being forced to work holidays without pay, Burrell Ellis, Connie Stokes and Sharon Barnes are handing out pay raises to their very own.

Their actions are nothing more than disdain for the police and other county workers. Our proof? Shelia Edwards. Don't think for one second her dislike for police officers is something new. How long was she affiliated with Burrell Ellis? And you don't think her dislike for the police didn't influence him in any way?

Here are some examples of Burrell's love: Shelia Edwards salary, before she resigned, went from $125,000.00 per year to $138,000.00 per year. A $13,000.00 per year raise! He gave his housing project manager a $31,000.00 per year raise. Yes, that 31 THOUSAND DOLLARS PER YEAR RAISE!

Bad hair Connie Stokes gave one of her staff a $15,300.00 per year raise! A $15,300.00 raise!

The financial genus Sharon Barnes gave her staff a $4,000.00 raise per year. Again, she proves our point.

This all comes at a time when all our merit increases have been frozen. When is the last time we received a cost of living raise? We are being forced to work holidays without pay, and being docked 10 percent pay on top of that. Remember children, in November, there are 3 holidays. That's 3 holidays you will be working for no pay and your monthly income will be reduced by 30 PERCENT!

There is even a rumor that Director Wiz Miller is bringing in $238,000.00 per year! Just damn! You mean he makes more than the Governor?

Burrell Ellis and the other commissioners have just kicked you in the teeth. They have spat on you without the decency of telling you it's raining.

Now more than ever we need to get their attention. The only way to do this is through our supporters. We and our supporters need to show up in force at the next commission meeting and others that follow. It is time for the F.O.P. to organize peaceful demonstrations at the commissioners meetings. Now more than ever we need a leader to step forward. Jeff Wiggs could be just the person.

Until either the commissioners resend the raises, and dock their pay along with their staffs pay 10 percent each holiday, or reinstate our paid holidays, never shall another court appearing traffic citation be issued! Why should you put your life in danger pulling over a car, not knowing what's waiting for you at the window? Why tax the common man and woman with a citation just to support the commissioners pay raises to their staff?

Until we are unified, the commissioners, Burrell Ellis and Wiz Miller will continue to laugh at us and wag their tongues.

The effects of an all out ticket stoppage will not show results immediately. It will take a couple of months to cycle through. Once it does, and the revenue drops by as much as 80 percent, then we will have their attention. We have to show resolve. Don't give in. They must meet our demands, or suffer at the coffers.

It is time to stop worring about consequences. It's time to pull together and support and encourage each other. What do you have to lose? A merit increase? A cost of living raise? Losing a paid holiday? Being forced to work holidays for no pay?

It is beyond madness!

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