Wednesday, August 11, 2010

On A Lighter Side

Sometimes we work a crime scene that attracts the media like mange to a stray dog. When you have to interact with the reporter, you are thinking, dang, that dude (or dudette) is weird, their eyes are kind of rolling around in their head.

Well, while we are standing around watching them watching us, here is an example of what is going on between those ears when their eyes are wandering around like Marty Feldman.

Click here to see why.


Anonymous said...

On the lighter side, there is not a damn thing wrong with this department that my suggestion would not fix. My suggestion is to bring back Bobby Burgess as the Chief and Percy Flemister as the Assistant Chief for one year. I assure you that no other action need be taken.

Yeah, I know they are both crazy but they will both tell somebody to go to hell and that is exactly what we need. And can you imagine how fun COMSTAT would be. We wouldn’t have to make people go to COMSTAT; we could sell tickets and raise money!

Anonymous said...

He was before my time, but I understand Dick Hand was a good Chief. ....until he did something stupid. The dumb things officers do to f 'up a good career.

If nothing else, he might be a good sounding board for Chief O.

Anonymous said...

The blog concerning Burgess and Flemister was clearly a joke. But joke or not, we need somebody who knows how to run this place. We sure as hell don’t have anybody now. And Chief O does not need a sounding board. He needs to be replaced. I have lost all confidence in him. He has completely lost this department and we are sliding closer to the abyss. The CEO is even worse.

Anonymous said...

On the lighter side, before Hand stepped on his dick, DeKalb was the number one police force in the SE. What the hell happened?

One thing I have noticed, is the chiefs have an entire floor of the 1960 building, that is 20 percent of the building space just for upper management. What do they all do?

I understand CEO Ellis office occupies the entire 6th floor of the 300 Ponce building. In this time of economic misfortune and loss of pay, what the heck is the CEO doing with 15'000 square feet of office space for a staff of 20?

Don't tell me, I know, its for security. Only someone with a bad conscience like Vern or Ellis would require such vast sums of tax payer revenue for personal security. Hagh! Scratch that, Vern doesn't have a conscience and I am starting to think Ellis is just plain scared and way out of his league.

Keep the faith, guys!