Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Georgia Legislatures passes "Peace Officer Bill of Rights"


Anonymous said...

I hope you all are in the POAB. It’s a benefit like no other. You get more out of it in the first year than you put in it over your career. The numbers might change a little now that they’ve raised the contribution and payout amount. Ask any retiree who did not contribute to this what their biggest regret is.

Stay safe and get in the FOP Legal plan. That could be the single biggest mistake you make.

Anonymous said...

We all have to adhere to the same laws/rules of this country at birth giving us some expectation of safety when in public, navigating our roads in traffic, etc. I've still no idea what these "protestors" want which opposes the aforementioned. If you can't get it together and find successes in this country you'll be a failure everywhere else under even worse circumstances.