Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anonymous, Comments:

8% across the board for three year? I heard that only on the first day!

8% for 3 years soon became an 8% raise for one year....then it morphed into 4% for one year.

The take home cars stopped at the RV's/Mobile Coffee Shops for the white shirted elite.

If Bolton wants to connect with his officers, he needs to get rid of the white shirts and start speaking up for what is really needed: Money, officers and take home cars.

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Anonymous said...

In my opinion, VJ vetoed Ellis' plan because it does not do for the PD what Johnsons plan does.

Johnsons plan includes a 4% across the board for PD and FD, in addition to 4% merit raises for a possible 8% and still leaves monies to incorporate more PS departments. Although Ellis' plan incorporates all sworn officers at 4%, the only people allocated in the budget to get the 4% merits are MPO's with PD. It is my understanding that the CEO would support the MINIMAL tax increase on the millage rate in order to get the PD and FD the pay incentives they need.

As a taxpaying citizen, I support an increase in order to provide the resources our county needs.

I do agree that there has been mismanagement and we need to fix that, but right now the situation is dire and with the uncertainty of our enconomy, I am certain crime will only increase.

Let's put the money where it is needed WHILE we are figuring out the other messes.

If we don't protect our comunities and our PS departments, there won't be anything left to worry about.