Thursday, March 13, 2008

Anonymous, Comments

Actually, I misspoke. After receiving Ellis newsletter, sent out prior to yesterdays veto, it indeed states that it is a 4% MERIT for all Public Safety. So everyone will not get a 4% which is how it was suggested in the meeting.


Anonymous said...

Its funny how they are addressing the needs of the police department to retain officers and one issue is raises. Now we have everyone jumping on the bandwagon, sheriff, fire, give me a break.

Dallas Resident said...

Gentlemen, as a current Dallas resident who had the misfortune of watching the decline of our city under Chief Bolton's chaotic rule, I feel your pain.

Searching the archives of our local publications such as D Magazine ( or its blog: ), the Dallas Observer ( or its blog: ) as well as the Dallas Morning News ( ), you will find all sorts of interesting, crazy stories about Bolton during his time here.

Honestly, no one in Dallas ever thought he would manage to get a senior position in another major police department after everything that went down here; we were really left open-mouthed and slack-jawed when we saw the story about his new gig in Dekalb County.