Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anonymous, Responds to Veto

The CEO did not veto a raise for PD. He vetoed the plan that would only get you all 4%. Ellis' plan only gets you 4%, across the board for ALL sworn officers. Then the original budget gets ONLY MPOs the additional 4% merit.

CEO vetoed Ellis plan so Commissioner JOhnson's plan could be voted on. It gives 4% to PD and FD and 4% merit to those same people. Not just MPO's.


PatsQB said...

If you think the CEO vetoed plans because they don't benefit enough officers you are sorely mistaken. Actually you would be 22III. He vetoed because that what he does. He'll veto Johnson's plan too in two weeks. When he does his senate run he'll point to these acts as being "fiscally" responsible. "Look I didn't cut county services and I didn't raise taxes VOTE FOR OBAMA part deux!"
I hate this county.

Anonymous said...

Who is the new clown walking around with T.B. word is hes a new defense lawyer hired to advise the Chief daily. Where did this new position and so called lawyer come from. So now he has "pastors and lawyers" following him around. Now we understand the need for the Chevy Tahoes. Lets air it all out.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I misspoke. After receiving Ellis newsletter, sent out prior to yesterdays veto, it indeed states that it is a 4% MERIT for all Public Safety. So everyone will not get a 4% which is how it was suggested in the meeting.