Monday, March 17, 2008

Anonymous Responds:

How are you wrong...let me count the ways...

The link to the agenda item is only a brief summary of proposals. If you read the document closely there are 7 more pages related to that proposal that you don't get. The commissioners get it, outlining the specifics.

The link that you cite referencing Commissioner Ellis' plan is an article on Go Dekalb written by Kathie Gannon.

If you read it closely it says the adopted budget, which had 4% merit raise for MPO's ONLY, and if you add Ellis' plan for 4% across the board for ALL sworn officers, with no tax increase and budget cuts for all departments except for PS of .125%.

So tell me how Johnsons plan, with only Police and Fire, with a millage increase can be in the 3 million range and Ellis can get all sworn officers an 8% for $425K???

I read it on this blog that DKC salaries are comprable to local counties and that may be true as far as dollars and cents but not in benefits such as take home cars, tax breaks for living in your community, etc.

I do agree with you that it shouldn't matter where it comes from as long as it comes but it ain't comin' with Ellis' plan.

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DKPD ANON said...


I made a mistake.

My facts aren't wrong, but I gave you guys a bad link, as one of you has pointed out. My post of 16:18 on Sunday the 16th provided a link to Kathie Gannon's "editorial" on GoDeKalb. The link should have been as follows:

Cut and paste this link into your browser address bar to read the article written by Burrell Ellis. He lays out the specifics directly from his substitute motion.

Where do you see that his proposed pay increases are limited to MPOs?
Why do some of y'all continue to insist on this being in there?

I will restate: Ellis' proposal gives DKPD everything Johnson's does --- and more!