Saturday, March 22, 2008

Anonymous Says:

I am so disappointed with our leadership. This new chief we have has to be the worst we ever had. What is even sadder is I have lost respect for all of the Chief's administration. All they do is kiss butt and fail to understand why officers are leaving. You have three Sergeants who are in the property room because the chief doesn't like them. 2 of 3 captains in communications because the chief doesn't like them. Two sergeants in Code enforcement for the same above reasons. WHY????? TEE BO, I HOPE YOU AND YOUR A#$ KISSERS READ THIS " YOU SUCK AS A CHIEF!! AND YOUR THE WORST KIND OF HUMAN BEING BY SAYING YOU WOULD HAVE TAKEN THOSE BULLETS FOR BARKER AND BRYANT. WE ALL KNOW YOUR A COWARD!!!

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