Thursday, March 20, 2008

DeKalb audit find firms got paid far more than contracts allowed (Link)

Somebody needs to go to prison! Our computer and radio system are in shambles. Instead of stepping forward with technology, we are leaping backwards. We need an investigation on the ground within the police department. Shouldn't take long before the indictments and pleas bargains come forth.
Of course Bolton would never allow an independent audit or even an federal investigation into the handling our computer systems. Why are self taught master police officers running the show? We can have preachers and lawyers on the payroll, but why not professional I.T. people?

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Sgt Friendly said...

A question was raised many years ago about the conditions within the DeKalb County Police Department and no one had a decent answer. Maybe now is the time for this queston to be answered fully. As posed several years ago, the question was:

"How do you take the number one (1) department on the entire east coast, and the number two (2) department in the entire nation (second only to LAPD) and, in a matter of just a very few years, bring it to the point where it is today?"

Now dont tell me that the DeKalb County Police Department is better than it was a few years ago. I know better. I was there. High pay, high morale, top of the line equipment, knowledgable and supportive supervisors (all the way up the line), officers who relied on thier abilities as a Police Officer..........not entirely on technology to make good cases, and a spirit of comardere unequaled in any department in the southeast. All these things left the DeKalb County Police Department several years ago and they will not return under these conditions. Now answer me................why?