Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Don't Hold Your Breath!

If we are lucky enough for the Commissioners to vote for an additional 125 officers, I wouldn’t hold my breath on seeing them on the street anytime soon. If you have forgotten, Bolton took over as Chief in January 2007. It is now March of 2008 and he still does not have his command staff in place.

How is he going to pay for the 7 Deputy Chief postions that he wants? This doesn’t include their aides, and the aide’s aide and the Expeditions and the reserved parking signs, etc. How is he going to pay for the 5 spiritual leaders in wants to put in each precinct?

All this will come out of the money marked for the additional 125 officers. Just like him telling the commissioners he needed 50 extra patrol units to put on the street and in fact they are assigned to the ICP Unit and sit 16 hours out of the day.

Oh, and one final thought: Vernon has veto power.

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