Thursday, March 13, 2008

Fly On The Wall Ask:

Why are officers leaving Dekalb Police Department?

1. Look at the lack of leadership for the last 3 years.
2. We have lost any credibility with other departments.
3. We are a reactive department to a crisis with no real solution.
4. We are a political tool of the CEO.
5. The CEO controls the police department.
6. The department heads are in fear of losing their rank if they object to any proposal.
7. The computer system is flaw and the only recourse is to find another vendor. The system we have now in the police units have fewer resources than the ones they replaced. We went downward instead of advancing in police computers. Wonder who got paid for that adventure.
8. Its not the MONEY that officers work for, it’s the satisfaction of finding solutions to problems and finding criminals who commit crimes.
9. The officers have lost the spirit, mainly due to poor leadership. Officers will follow someone who can show dedication and real goals to accomplish.
10. Then you have a Chief who was fired from Dallas and come here and brings outsiders (with no qualifications) and appoints them as department heads. They then depend on the few real leaders in the department to help them function. He likes females that are obvious by their appointment.
11. Then we have the motor homes. Enough said draw your own conclusion to that.
12. Chief Bolton loyalty is with Vernon Jones who gave him a job; he needed someone who would take “THE SWORD “as it was put to Chief Moody.


SammichMuncher said...

Kudos for TeeBo.

You've got to give TeeBo credit. He was fired from his previous job and landed a chief's position in one of the largest counties in the state of Georgia. Not bad for being fired, huh?

And, consider VeeJo's motivation for hiring a new chief. He needed a "puppet" to do exactly as he said, no questions asked. Would a successful chief in another major metropolitan area consider having the strings attached, VeeJo's hand up your butt moving your lips, and obeying the puppetmaster without question? NO, HEKK NO!

So, VeeJo found a suitable puppet, TeeBo found him a good paying job, especially for a FIRED police chief.

My $0.02 worth is that TeeBo is playing the puppet game for all it's worth, seeing the writing on the wall that when VeeJo is gone, he will be too.

Get everything you can TeeBo, it isn't going to last too much longer!


PatsQB said...

I can't argue with you Sammichmuncher you are on target. Fly you are right too!
New subject for gripes....has anyone been to an academy graduation ceremony lately? You would not believe how it is about everything but what recruits have done to graduate and their journey. It does not properly recognize the instructors who put in so much time teaching, motivating, and PT'ing with you. I know not all instructors were the same but mine was bad ass. Now we have choral groups singing the same song over and over..."Seee-ee yourself in the future! YOoouu aaaarrreeeee royalty!".

I hate this place.