Wednesday, March 19, 2008

ICP = Increase in Call's Pending


Anonymous said...

We have the highest crime rate ever in the history of this county. And what were the ICP officers doing last Saturday? On a bleep bleep Easter Egg HUNT! Unbelievable! 3 highly trained officers on an Easter Egg Hunt with 15 calls pending! SAD!

PatsQB said...

ICP = I Can't Police. Just Kidding, don't be surprised that they are doing soft police work. Setting and attending community meetings along with other family friendy functions.
They are not a stat driven unit, they are not a call driven unit even though they will generate both. ICP is what each officer makes it. I do quite a few that are busting their ass. ICP guys at my precinct helped nab 7 burglarly suspects. It is what it is, try not to get so worked up, the unit won't last long either.

I hate this place. I've accepted my offer. There are so many people here I will miss and I hope I have the opportunity to thank them personally for what they mean to me. Leaving is bittersweet but Tom Brady's moving on in free agency.

Much Love,

JT Ware #2465
72nd Academy
DKPD 10-41 1-5-04
10-42 4-4-08

PendingCall said...

The mismanagement of ICP has to stop! All of our citizens are complaining about the same thing, CRIME! They dont care about officers attending career days and easter egg hunts. They are concerned with crime! ICP is a 'problem solving unit!' Then at least make an attempt to solve our biggest problem - CRIME! After we reduce crime, then we can branch off and start doing the community stuff. We have 10 ICP officers at every precinct who dont assist with handling 911 calls. Some precincts are still running Net Teams too. Lets do the math. Evening Watch runs 10 officers. ICP has 5 officers working from 2pm - 10pm. NET team has 5 officers working evening hours. Thats a total of 20 officers on the streets, and 10 of them (50%) are on special assignment, not assisting with 911 calls. How can we justify this mismanagement of manpower?