Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Notcar1 Says:

A great place to Police......

That was then and this is now. Morale has taken a big hit because we've gotten away from policing.

Money is important because we need to provide for our families, but we all came here to do a job. We didn't expect to become rich. We did expect to be somewhat taken care of.

We expected a good retirement and affordable benefits. We expected raises that would keep up with inflation, increases in pension contributions, and increases in health insurance.

Morale takes a hit everytime the computers are down and Uniform Officers can't get their assigned calls, run suspects or run tags.

Morale takes a hit everytime Uniform Officers stand out in the parking lot waiting for patrol cars to come off the street.

Morale takes a hit everytime a Detective is assigned a number of cases to go with the huge backlog he or she is already working on.

Morale takes a hit everytime a special group of people get a new special perk.

Morale takes a hit everytime a "made man or woman" gets special treatment when they break the rules (or even breaks the law!).

Morale takes a hit everytime Detectives and Uniform Officers go to headquarters and are forced to look at the ridiculous number of reserved parking spaces.

Morale takes a hit everytime Officers and Detectives see money wasted on Tahoes and Expeditions....knowing full well that they don't have enough cars to go out on patrol or the cars they do have are high mileage cars that dont't work or have broken computers.

Morale takes a hit everytime a Uniform Officer is taken off patrol to babysit a useless RV.

Yes, Virginia, it is all about money....and a whole lot more.

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Anonymous said...

Morale takes a hit when seeing Darth Bolton's picture hanging in the lobby of headquarters.