Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Retired Anonymous Veteran Comments:

I'm retired but I was one of the "winners" that got all the raises after the Price Waterhouse study. I cannot believe that they were giving the same people raises over and over.I started to feel guilty. From my perspective, DKPD started it's downhill slide after Dick Hand left. One of the main reasons I took an early retirement was all the interference from Decatur and the higher command staff didn't have the gut's to draw the line. DKPD lost a lot of good experience with guy's that retired early because of interference from Decatur and all the unnecessary crap that went on...Get some supervisors with gonads and smarts and start backing the officers instead of all the PR junk ....start policing with gusto again...It's a war out there! Will the new CEO have a big security detail like Jones too?

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