Friday, March 21, 2008

Vernon Still Takes Us for Suckers and Still Knowingly Makes False Statements

In March of 2004, Vernon Jones decided that he would decline a raise that he wasn’t even guaranteed of getting, he called a press conference in his office and said he was demonstrating “leadership and sacrifice” by not accepting the pay increase.

Jones would only get the raise if he won reelection, which he did in the August 2004 Primary (he faced no opposition in the November General Election) In April 2005, Jones decided to accept his raise from $99,274 to $144,491 and requested back pay since January, when the raise was to take affect.

Dunwoody resident Bob Lundsten said then, "I am not really surprised. Because Mr. Jones has a knack for doing things that always seems to upset the public,". "What bothers me is that this reversal of decision and his announcement to take the money is exactly the reason people across the country do not trust politicians. First, he says back during the election season that he would not take the raise, removing it from the politics of re-election. A couple months after during the budget battles and budget public hearing in Dunwoody, (the CEO's assistant) Mr. (Richard) Stogner was asked again whether the CEO will be taking the pay increase and again the answer is no, once again diffusing a potential political battle."

Lundsten said his argument is not against the salary increase, but the manner and timing in which Jones took it.

"As an elected public official, there is a level of trust that Mr. Jones has with the citizens of DeKalb that he must maintain. He broke that trust," Lundsten said. "He knew his economic situation and responsibilities when he first refused the raise. He took advantage of the political benefits of publicly declining the raise and waited till the season changed. He played us all for suckers."

Mr. Lundsten went on to say; "I really have no issue with the pay involved since that is what was decided as compensation for the position," Wright said. "It is not appropriate for me to comment specifically regarding CEO Jones on this issue but I do not think politicians should ever make knowingly false statements to the public. I believe it is paramount that politicians be forthright and honest to their respective shareholders, the constituents."


Anonymous said...

I am so dissappointed with our leadership. This new chief we have has to be one of the worst we ever had. What even more sadder is I have lost respect for all of the Chief's adminstration. All they do is kiss butt and fal to understand why officers are leaving. You have three Sergeants who are in the property room because the chief doesn't like them. Two captains in communications because the chief doesn't like them. Two sergeants in Code enforcement for the same above reasons. WHY????? TEE BO, I HOPE YOU AND YOUR A#$ KISSERS READ THIS " YOU SUCK AS A CHIEF!! AND YOUR THE WORST KIND OF HUMAN BEING BY SAYING YOU WOULD HAVE TAKEN THOSE BULLETS FOR BARKER AND BRYANT. WE ALL KNOW YOUR A COWARD!!!

GeorgiaValues said...

Mr. Jones simply cannot be trusted. He continues to abuse the public trust, vested in him by the citizens of DeKalb County. He is bad for the county, and would be even worse for the State should he (God forbid) be elected to the U.S. Senate.

Let's send Saxby back to Washington!