Thursday, March 13, 2008

WeFiveCampers Ask:

Who was the legal adviser that left? How many years of service did he spend with the county? Didn't know the county had a legal adviser. Isn't that what the county attorney's office does? If not, then why do they represent the department in all merit matters and more?


PatsQB said...

Rupal Vaishnav was his name and he did work for the DeKalb County Law Department. I wanna say he worked for THE COUNTY for like five or so years.

If anything is ever gonna change we have got to stop being conspiracy theorists. Not everything going on up on the fourth floor is bad.

I hate this place.

Anonymous said...

I heard he use to be a part time recorders court judge.

Anonymous said...

I over heard the chain of command complaining the other day that he's tired of people passing him on the interstate and wanted to know who handles the interstates. I heard...well thats tac unit handles speed....he replies ...i want them out there stopping everything over 70 and be given a ticket. I have to admit...yes its a little crazy on 285 ...but 70??
I guess the ticket push is really on!!
I might as well stand on the exit ramp and hold a sign, "will work for food", cause with vernon vetoing our raises...nothing else to look foward to!!
Other departments sure are look by day!!