Tuesday, March 11, 2008

WeFiveCampers Responds:

No, Bolton does not get it. Read the AJC dated the morning of March 11, 2008 in the metro section. Of all the officers that have left over the past year only one (1) sited pay as the reason for leaving, One!
Sure, the pay could be better, but so could the working conditions. Bolton has turned every Captain and above into a lap dog. (Except Stathis and Lane). When they are around him or the people he brought in from the outside, they act like a dog when its master has a treat in its hand.
If Bolton got it, he would not have misled the commissioners into to believing he put an extra 50 units on line. They have been turned over to the ICP. Speaking of ICP, why are POII’s assigned take home cars, and a topped out MPO multi-year veteran paying $3.14 a gallon (and climbing) for gas everyday?
If Bolton got it, then way does he not have his command staff in place after 13 months?
Why did he not disagree with Vernon today? He has no trouble talking bad about the commissioners and the Sheriff in public, but what about Vernon? Vernon is holding up the raise. What is wrong with stream lining the budget?
Where are the tasers Bolton was talking about? Could he not have bought those with the money he spent on all those campers? Speaking of campers, why didn’t he have them all parked at the meeting for all the public to see? Would they see the waste of money?
Only one officer at a time can be on leave, but Bolton took seven (7) weeks off last year.
No, Bolton doesn’t get jack!

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