Thursday, June 5, 2008

BOC Considers Grand Jury Probe Of Purchasing Practices

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A couple of examples of comments left by their readers:

Where is Chief Bolton on Vernon's entourage?

written by Dundevil, June 04, 2008

Chief Bolton selectively read the grand jury report. he pounced on it to support his request for Tasers. He studiously neglected the part that called for reassignment of Vernon's police protection squad to serve Sheriff's warrants.

I wonder how much the squad is still costing DK taxpayers? I remember that there was a lot of overtime. Vernon will probably insist on lifetime protection after he leaves office like the President of the US.

written by Seek the Truth, June 04, 2008

O&T - please volunteer for Grand Jury Service ASAP. Thanks for putting us on to this GJ report ever citizen should read it and then stop paying any taxes to DK.

There should be a tax revolt against this administration -- ruined our police, misspent millions, abusive, vindictive, racist, and on and on. Time for you all to go!!

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