Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Who is the best candidate poll is closed:

Stan Watson led with 57% followed by Burrell Ellis, Steen Miles and Ann Kimbrough.


DKPD ANON said...




Have any of you given any thought to who would make a good candidate to replace current Chief of DeKalb Police Terrell "The Terrible" Bolton?

Regardless of whether you support State Representative Stan Watson or DeKalb County Commissioner Burrell Ellis in their bids for DeKalb CEO, one of these two most assuredly will be our next CEO, and as such, one of them will have the authority to replace the Chief. (Thank God Almighty, free at last!)

It would be great if some of us could identify some potential replacements for the incoming CEO to consider. Do any of you know of any highly-qualified people in other jurisdictions who would be interested in taking charge here? Do any of our current Command Staffers have the wherewithal and the necessary internal support to step into this position? (No, Keisha -- I'm afraid you are not eligible.)

I'd like to see some serious and thoughtful discussion on this issue. Wouldn't it be a wonderful thing to get a Chief installed that the DKPD rank and file could stand behind?

Someone asked why "Terrible" Terrell was sending Command Staff to Houston PD for training. It is obvious he is sucking up to someone down there in Texas -- positioning himself for his next job after he gets terminated here.

By the way -- Kudos to whoever was the mastermind behind the photo of the magic bus with the "Vote Yes on Dunwoody" bumper stickers. That was funny as hell!


Ann said...

Ann Kimbrough is all for the up lifting of the DeKalb Police Department... Please do not be fooled by Burrell and his lies.

Anonymous said...

Do you actually think that Burrell will do something. Yea okay... He worked with Vernon Jones do not be fooled. Ann Kimbrough did too. But to me she did not always agree with what Vernon did probably... But she works hard and I know I will give her a shot mainly because of her day to day experience in running a county government. She has a children one who is visually impaired and one who is off to the War... So she cares... She has my vote..