Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A Message From DKPD ANON

Commissioner Ellis -

Congratulations on your successful campaign to become the next CEO of DeKalb County. DeKalb officers realize you will indirectly be their boss, and they need for you to understand the issues they face, from incompetent leadership, to inadequate equipment, to insufficient compensation in many instances.

Please do not wait until January, 2009 to begin to research these issues. Please set up a civilian task force NOW to determine a course of action that you can implement starting your first day in office.

To delay fixing DKPD problems will only lead to more voluntary quits and involuntary demotions / transfers of highly-trained and very experienced officers and command staff.

DKPD officers by and large want to do their job. Please enable those who are so committed to do just that.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Yes, congratulations Mr. Ellis!

We're excited about the potential for change and look forward to hearing specifics about YOUR vision for the future.

There is no time like the present for putting together your transition committee. We are starved for leadership and hope you are up to the task.

Don’t forget to include line level officers in your study. They don’t have rank, but they sure view things from an excellent vantage point.

You might consider a Blog where officers can voice their opinions anonymously....oh yeah...someone is already doing that!

Good luck and God speed. You currently have our trust and support.

Don't squander this golden opportunity.

The Curious Officer said...

What will Mr. Ellis be bringing to the table?

Take a gander at his collection of statements and promises from his election website.

I noted the following:
1) Support for ICP
2) Increased support for a "Broken Window" initiative which will utilize code enforcement in dilapidated, drug infested areas.
3) Increase in the number of precincts
4)A decrease in the number of officer assigned to admin jobs
5)A study to see if the temporary MPO incentive increased retention
6)A privately funded program to incent officers to buy homes in and live in Dekalb County
7)An increase in the total number of officers (a direct result of a promised officer retention program)

I'm interested in hearing more detail and learn about who he sees leading this initiative.

If you are hoping for a change in leadership, I think you may be disappointed. There are no hints about that in his campaign rhetoric.

Look for yourself at

Anonymous said...

I would also hope that Mr. Ellis would have the courage to disband the the Executive Protection detail. This is a gigantic waste of money and manpower. Such a unit never existed until the Derwin Brown homicide and I haven't seen a need for it since.