Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bolton files appeal, seeks to reverse firing

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Anonymous said...

Well, that was interesting, especially this quote "Bolton’s lawyer, Bill McKenney, said Wednesday a hearing officer will be appointed to decide the appeal. McKenney said he has asked the county to make sure the hearing officer is not someone appointed by Chief Executive Officer Burrell Ellis, who fired Bolton Feb. 23." The specific mention by Bolton's attorney that he will challenge any investigator not hired by Vern ought to be a clue that any investigative reporter should see. There are still a lot of good people in HR, but many in HR management were total brown-nosers who knew they were doing the wrong thing ethically but the right thing politically. Take a close look at purchasing also, they had a funny reorg under Vern and many purchasing employees were terminated after their jobs were classified as requiring four year degrees. What? No protection from the Merit system that was supposed to protect them? Merit system had changed there name to HR and Merit system under good ole Vern with emphasis on System and merit was a thing of the past. From what I have seen, four year degrees do not include ethics or responsibility. Perhaps DeKalb should change it requirements back to personal merit, accomplishments and ethics rather than a college degree.

Better DeKalb said...

Just thought of another reason why Bolton's RV living wasn't right for the people of DeKalb, or the DKPD. He wasn't paying property taxes. Didn't even do his part to help financially support the department that he ran as a part-time chief. No family here, no permanent residence, and therefore no property taxes, no Georiga RV tags for that matter. This had temporary stamped all over it.

Anonymous said...

I am very amused that Bolton and his lawyer are "not opposed" to having the hearing open to the public. It would be so fun!! We could have it at the Maloof Auditorium and anyone could attend..when Bolton says something stupid (every time he opens his mouth) we could boo and when the CEO testifies we can cheer!! I would pay to see the hearing, Ellis is going to show the world what a dumb, corrupt jackass TeBo is!!!

Anonymous said...

Why not have someone from another county appointed as the hearing officer? For that matter, why not get someone from Savannah or Columbus? The previous poster is correct, Bill McKenney did not call for a fair arbitor. Bill McKenney called for someone predisposed to favor the old regime.

Why didn't the AJC push that issue? The AJC appears to love the soap opera. The AJC does not appear to care about reporting the news in an unbiased, factual manner.

Better DeKalb said...

If Bolton manages to weasel his way back into DeKalb I hope he knows he will be greeted by thousands of citizen watchdogs watching over his every move. Between the media, the blog and the citizen watchdogs he will have to go through a radical change in work ethic, management style and lifestyle.

So come on back Bolton. The citizens are ready for a New Start and a New Beginning with you. We will be the ones policing you.

Sitting in the Cheap Seats said...

Bolton should think about what he asks for. He might not like it once he gets it.

Can you imagine Bolton swiping in and swiping out...... with everybody else.....on the first floor in the roll call room of 34?

Can you imagine him being told that he has to clear any staffing changes thru Ellis on a permanent basis?

Can you imagine him surviving with only one take home vehicle....a non-luxury, pimped out crown vic?

Can you imagine him working without an excessively large support staff, complete with 5 drivers?

Can you imagine him having to asked for vacation time? Submitting a vacation request to Ellis' office for approval?

Bolton won't last under intense scrutiny and supervision. It won't take long before he is written up, suspended and eventually terminated a second time FOR CAUSE.

New Start, New Beginning Rules for Bolton said...

A list of new terms from a citizen who helps fund the high salary of the DeKalb Police Chief:

One county take home car. You drive it (i.e. no drivers)

No comp time OR over time for you.

Work the hours necessary to get the job done.

Respect everyone in the DKPD who works hard and put their lives on the line to make DeKalb a better place.

Become a resident of DeKalb.

Register all your personal vehicles.

Stop blaming all your faults on the previous administration. Accept responsibility for your actions.

Learn to live on $162K a year. The DKPD is not another stream of income for you. Stop treating it like it is.

Learn to stand alone in front of a TV camera.

Respect your superior. CEO Ellis is a good man. You could learn a great deal from him.

Improve morale. If you come back you will have a mountain to climb in that area. Put on your hiking shoes.

Dramatically improve retention. As a two year leader of this department you did little or nothing to improve this, and it is a colossal waste of our money.

No more investigative reports. You have shamed us enough.