Monday, May 11, 2009

Thank You Readers and Posters!

We have now surpassed our 500,000th page hit. One half a million and growing strong!


Slamin Ethel said...

Sounds like you can quit working now. Do I get a prize for my efforts in making that possible. I know I will take my new Chief now O'Brien!

Anonymous said...

Fly on the Wall

This blog has been one of the best source of support for the police department. I wonder if Chief Bolton would have been exposed without its help. I thank everyone at Dekalb Officers.

Anonymous said...

High Five for those who don't/didn't drink the Kool-Aid, Hang in there officers....things are getting better in time!!

Newly Re-engineered Clock Watcher said...

Better? Yes, each passing day is one day closer retirement.

Each day is marked dutifully by atleast two tickets and all the calls dispatch can send to my screen.

Ain't life grand.

FlyOnAPile said...

Hey, that was me...I was 500,000th person. So where is my free t-shirt, gift certificate, gold ring (or tooth - i'm not picky), name on the wall (no, not bathroom wall - been there, done that). Don't I get a prize?