Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vernon As A Character Witness; Doesn't Get Much Better

And he wants to be Governor!


Anonymous said...

Vernon Jones testifying for you would be like having Joseph Stalin testifying for you. Or maybe John Gotti as a character witness. You know, John Gotti says he is a good fellow and a honest man, so it must be so.

Anonymous said...

This is what our Police Dept needs is a strong union. Almost all Police depts in the North have unions and they are strong. When an officer has a problem go to the union, when we want raises go to the union, when we need equipment that works or better equipment go to the union. We need to get away from being strong armed by the people upstairs and fight fire with fire. That is the reason this dept can't keep the people they have, no raises, no sick checks, no units, no training/denied all the time, and people just looking out for themselves rather than the dept as a whole....I.E. Yarb Bravo changing the team concept at Tucker just before he went to back to Ops....Morale went down the toilet....simply a political move!!

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the A&E special about the Atlanta child murders. Wayne Williams had quite a character witness: Sidney Dorsey!

Better DeKalb said...

Oh Vernon, turns out you aren't really "familiar" with DeKalb either. You probably couldn't quote County code in a County you ran for 8 years.

It is clear you let Bolton live above the law, even encouraged it. It must have felt good to have someone taking the heat instead of you for a change. Perhaps that is why you hired him. Instead of finding the best candidate your found the worst. You needed someone to take the spotlight off you, or someone who looked so bad standing next to you, it made you look better for your upcoming senate race.

I read that you were tired because you had to be available for two days to testify. That is pathetic! You do realize YOU are responsible for having to testify don't you? Bolton was YOUR pick. YOU didn't manange Bolton in a professional manner for the good of the County. YOU let him run amuck. YOU failed to keep him in the County to actually run the police department. YOU let him treat the men and women of the DKPD so badly we have lost many great people, and the rest may never have their hearts in their jobs again. YOU are the reason YOU had to testify. YOU are the reason the County will have to fight a discrimination lawsuit now. YOU let Bolton into DeKalb and weren't man enough to clean up your mess before you left. YOU knew it was a mess and left it for someone else to handle. Nice work.

Vernon, you disgraced DeKalb. You couldn't win a senate race, and think you have a shot at governor? That is laughable, but then so is everything you do.

Anonymous said...

Neither one of these "men" seem particularly fit for duty. Ol' Vern gets tired answering a few questions and TeBo can't get through the day without taking a super-dose of insulin. It makes me question whether either one of them should have served in such important, demanding, high-stress jobs. (And by question, I mean resoundingly declare that neither of these nitwits should have ever had positions of power in DeKalb County).

No wonder Vern was always MIA and TeBo took all that comp. time; an 8 hour day might just kill these two.

Absolutely none of this should come as a shock. They are spineless and delusional. It seems neither one of them ever met a shortcut they didn't like. Hard work is their kryptonite.

Even if Bolton did come back, Ellis and the BOC would have him on such a tight leash he'd quit...all the reasonable expectations like putting in a 40-hour work week, being at the office, and not being insubordinate would just tucker old TeBo out.

Anonymous said...

To Anon4, your disgust for Vern is heart-felt by all of us. It will take years to repair the damage and I am up for the challenge. Who's with me? Do we give up or do we drive forward to defeat corruption and unethical government. You know where I stand on this issue.

Anonymous said...

Just some clarification on the union issue..Georgia is a right to work state and striking is illegal. Not so in the northern states, which is why their unions are able to successfully get them better hours, equipment, etc. So guys, to be honest, a union is a big waste of time here. APD has a union, and look what good it has done them..still on furloughs working 30 hours a week, taking pay cuts, etc. Unless the GA laws change, a union will make no discernable difference here. But not having to see Bolton's fat pink slug ligs on TV one more day will make a difference, I will be able to stop vomiting!!!

Anonymous said...

Vernon was tired?? Yeah, I guess taking time out of your busy day doing NOTHING, sitting around waiting to testify, doing NOTHING, can be quite tiring!

Anonymous said...

Come on guys Vern had to wait to "testalie!" Keeping all those lies straight is long, tedious, and tiresome work!!

Anonymous said...

To Vernon Jones:
I am not an employee of Dekalb County. I am a citizen of Dekalb County. I am praying that you read all these posts. I hope you have been reading them for a long time actually, and that you somehow comprehend how destructive you've been to DKPD - I will NEVER forgive you for what you've done to them, and I can only hope that Mr. Ellis can make them feel proud once again of what they do for us. I was afraid of you before, but since you made the decision to run for Governor, I'm REALLY afraid of you now, because you must be absolutely CERTIFIABLE if you think you have ANY chance of winning. I will fight you with my last breath. I will FIGHT you with my LAST breath.

I met you several years ago. This story won't make much sense to anyone else, but I know you'll know what I'm talking about. I was instructed to give you an advance copy of information to review so you could help us with our cause. What you did instead was give that information to a particular vendor, giving them unfair advantage over the other competitors. Of course they were too stupid to put the answers in their own words, so it was crystal clear to me that they had been made privy to that "information". Unfortunately, no one else seemed to notice, and they (your buddies) were ultimately awarded the contract by the state.

So Vernon, I hope your day is done - I think it's time for you to leave GA (how about N. Dakota, if you insist on staying in this country, which I wish you wouldn't) the way Cynthia did, before you completely humiliate yourself.

I hope I never have to see your face or hear your name again, you arrogant, sick a-hole.

DKPD: I wish you all well, and hope you will eventually heal - thank you for all you've done to protect me from the scumbags like Vernon out there!