Saturday, July 18, 2009

Commissioners ink short-term deal for parking near Recorders Court

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Heavy Jimmy Jamma said...

So where are the kickbacks going? Who is going to keep them from parking in the employee parking lot, when they realize they have to pay in the other lots? School crossing guard...ha. If this does happen, I suggest a gate with key card only access. This would alleviate anyone standing guard there.

Anonymous said...

Heavy Jimmy're right about the gate with key card access.

We couldn't AND still can't get them to secure our parking lots with a security fence and gate. We load and unload patrol cars for the most part in unsecured areas (yes, I'm not at South and Tucker's secured lot is too small). The public and process servers walk right up BEHIND us while we are busy loading/unloading equipment.

They initially wanted the patrol cars in the front lot at W. Exchange Place. That didn't change until the media started filming officers from the street.

I wouldn't be shocked to see a fence and gate now that most of us aren't a 3630 Camp. They won't do anything to protect their officers and employees, but they'll spend money to protect their parking dollars.

Anonymous said...

I've said for years that they should charge for parking, if they would have started this 20 years ago they could have built and paid for a parking deck for citizens to park. And with that at least they wouldn't have to walk 2 blocks to Recorders Court.

Anonymous said...

To Anon3, right idea, but the county works in wondrous ways which does not include parking fees dedicated to a parking deck close to recorders court. The parking fee's would be dumped into the general fund and used at the BOC's discretion.
As far as charging parking fee's for county citizens to do county business at recorders court is BS, and we all know it. The county provides no services except a parking space, and now suddenly the county realizes parking conditions are "chaotic”? BS, conditions are not chaotic, but it is dense around 2 PM, and of course the county can provide lots of deputies and rent cops to screen RC, but can't come up with one rent a cop to direct traffic without a three dollar parking fee?
Note to BOC, this is not going to solve the counties revenue issues, and you better start looking at who and what to cut.
Raising taxes is not an option.

Anonymous said...

Again, excellent points LoFlyer. While we are at it, how about all county workers look in between the sofa cushions at county buildings and provide all the found change to the general fund. I would support the parking fee if it would go to a fund that would resolve the issues at the court and jail in regards to parking. We know the the county is going to use that money for pet projects, especially when election time comes back around. Until the citizens get off their asses and vote these clowns out, nothing will happen.