Wednesday, August 19, 2009

$15,000.00 Dollar Reward Offered

A $15,000.00 reward has been offered by the Atlanta Police Foundation and Crime Stoppers for the murderof DeKalb County Police Sergeant D.A. Thomas’ fiancĂ©e She was gunned down in the drive way of their home.

We would like to thank the Atlanta Police Foundation for stepping forward. Couldn’t the DeKalb Police Alliance do something similar? But this is another topic for another day. Our concern is for the safety of our loved ones.

The Department is being tight lipped about this murder investigation. In no way do we want to compromise the investigation, but we have to guess at the motive. Was the murder a direct result of an arrest Sgt. Thomas made in the past? Is it domestic related somehow? Or was she gunned down simply because she is connected to a police officer?

We all should remind our loved ones to be aware of their surroundings at all times, even in the driveway of your home, especially now until there is answers. Be prepared for the worse, carry concealed.

Click here for WSB radio article

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