Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DeKalb County Police Alliance - Good Cause Asking For Donations But Refuses To Open The Books.

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Anonymous said...

I would think twice about giving to any non-profit charity that will not show us the books. I bet most of the funds are going to ADMINISTRATIVE OVERHEAD!!

Anonymous said...

According to DCPA's 2007 Tax Return, they had $238,000 in income in 2007 and paid $83,000 in fundraising expenses, $40,000 for conferences/meetings, $34,000 for CONSULTANTS (who are the consultants one might wonder). They did report paying $123,000 for the insurance policies and paid $364 for motorcycle insurance.
Whatever happened with the Harley?

Anonymous said...

From the Emails I have recieved today, the DKPD reorg is going down, Best of luck guys!

Anonymous said...

I saw an email from CEO Ellis, but I don't know quite what to make of it. It really wasn't clear on who goes where and which precinct commanders will be replaced. It didn't mention or dwell on who will be demoted or forced into retirement.

Replacing one level won't cut it.

Major and above need to be demoted and moved.