Saturday, August 15, 2009

DeKalb receives $3 million for 15 more officers

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Anonymous said...

Half of them will be gone in five years.

Anonymous said...

The post that talks about half of them being gone. If you are an officer, please why don't you just leave? We won't miss you. neg, neg, neg.If people choose to leave a good job they are stupid.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the 2nd post. Its time to come together and start focusing on the good instead of the bad. I challenge each officer to be the best they can be, then and only then will things start changing. Director Miller and Chief O'Brien have made some changes. We dont have to agree with every move, but as a department i think it was needed. Lets do our part and quit asking so much of command staff. Remember, they are only as good as we are. Lastly, before dismissing roll call, pray for the officers who have suffered recent losses and remember how blessed we all are.

LoFlyer said...

Congrats on getting 15 new positions for at least 4 years. DKPD and the county needs more feet on the street and hopefully we will get some more on the street with the latest reorg.
Now, it is not the intent of this blog to be a political sounding board, but as the funding for the 15 positions is derived 75 percent from federal "stimulous funds", I get to ask a truly boorish question. How in the heck is 15 police officers going to stimulate economy? Effectively?
My management informs me that federal local stimulous money is available in great quantity but only for projects or programs aimed at helping the less fortunate or poor and living in poverty. Excuse me, but that is not my definition of stimulating the economy unless you are included in the program.
If DeKalb want's to stimulate the economy, provide seed funding for electrical battery manufacuring and recycling plants withen the county. We are using more of them every day and we are going to use a lot more with the upcoming "green" electrical vehicles.
There is a big difference between social programs and stimulating the economy. DeKalb could do both, but it is easier to whip up a social program than a program to stimulate economic growth within the county.

From DeKalb Officers: Only you can get away with it LoFlyer, but you are right we are not a "national political" sounding board. God knows there's enough of those out there in the blogasphere.

Anonymous said...

Loflyer please start your own blog since you seem to know all about everything.

Anonymous said...

To anon5, a well deserved comment and well taken. I do not know jack about the true politics of our elected officials and can use some guidence, perhaps some of y'all can provide some insight because I am in the trenches, and cannot see the "big picture". I do get around, and I know alot about what is going down in the county, I am opinionated but so is everyone who gives a damn about DeKalb.