Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is It About Money?

Sheriff Tom Brown has entered into an agreement with Fulton County to house 100 inmates for one year at the cost of $67.00 per day.

Could this be the reason he continues to deny persons who simply “don’t feel good” to be lodged in the county jail?

By forcing us to have some medically cleared at Grady Hospital, he is costing the taxpayers of DeKalb, while at the same time putting money in his pocket (so to speak) from the taxpayers of Fulton County.


Let's be frank... said...

Honestly... We get paid by Dekalb whether we're sitting at Grady or in our riding my territories. What's the difference? And who really cares anymore.

Everyone knows ICP or some other worthwhile, special unit is there to pick up our collective slack.

How our time is spent is above our pay grade.

As long as we can justify the fact that we won't have some tickets to log at the end of the shift, we're kosher.

Uniform is not a valued asset, so who cares.

Anonymous said...

The sheriff department ha over a million dollar medical budget. They just don't have any real medical people on staff. They call Fire and EMS for any medical help because they are not qualified to do anything but hand out pills. The place was suppose to be state of art medical facility at a jail. What a joke it has become over the years.

Anonymous said...

Here's the simple answer. Medical care is contracted out to an outside entity. The medical personnel are the ones who refuse the people, not the jail. It's all about liability and cost. Everyone is afraid to be sued, especially this jail since it's been sued over medical care before. It doesn't cost the jail one penny to send you to Grady. If you were the sheriff you'd do the same thing. Jails and prisons are just one big lawsuit waiting to happen or already happening.

Anonymous said...

Haaaahaaaa...Thats funny. I never even thought of the irony involved in calling Fire/Rescue to the jail when you have RN's in the jail.

Anonymous said...

I love being called to the jail (as EMS) and the nurse is there without a clue!

Take a lesson from Sheriff Joe in Maricopa County - DeKalb has plenty of room where they can put a tent city!

Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of having to go to Grady and sit for hours for a prisoner to be seen and then released in 5 minutes by the doctor. We then go back to the jail. Grady staff will tell you our jail medical refusals are a joke.

Anonymous said...

The nurses at the jail are a joke. They're just looking for any reason to refuse a perp. They don't treat anything. I don't think they even apply band-aids! Why is the county wasting money on registered nurses? They are not needed. Any idiot can say these two things: Do you not feel well? Take him to Grady!

Anonymous said...

If the jail refuses someone why is it PDs problem? Maybe if a deputy was responsible for taking the perp to Grady and waiting the problem would stop....just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Just remember the jail has always been a problem on accepting prisoners. The first question is do you have any HEALTH PROBLEMS.

Well I have shortness of breath. I just robbed a business and ran from the police and went over several fences and yards for over a mile. So the answer is YES.

There we goon the way to Grady for a 16 hours or more wait. Then they take vitals and we are back to the jail.

Then the nurse wants to asks the same question again.

Anonymous said...

I love the million dollars they pay for a medical staff at the jail.

The real medical staff is EMS and FIRE, the jail calls them for everything.

Anonymous said...

The next time I go to the jail with a wanted person and they want me to go get the fax from their machine and bring it to them before I can leave......guess what, I feel chest pains coming, bet they open those gates then.