Sunday, August 9, 2009

Vernon And Terrell Still Topics In The News

Vernon Jones and Terrell Bolton are talked about briefly on the political talk show “The Georgia Gang”. Even in state politics they know Vernon and TeBo are idiots.

You can read what was said, compliments of the blog “Peach Pundit”

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Anonymous said...

You must be teasing us! If this is the most publicity we can scare up on the ongoing ethics scandal created and directed by Vern and his cronies, I see little hope for DeKalb. I have zero confidence in Ellis's "transparency and truth commission". (I am not exactly sure of the name, but it sounds like something out of 1984 or the Obama administration) I do know one thing, they would not be happy to hear what I have to say about what goes on in DeKalb government.

Anonymous said...

Why is this taking so long to go to trial? What is the hold up? Under no circumstances should there be a settlement in this case. People need to be held accountable and precident needs to be set.