Monday, November 16, 2009

'Last Call' At 4 a.m. In Atlanta? Official Says City Should Study The Idea

"Buckhead Coalition president and former mayor Sam Massell said the possible revenue from an additional 90 minutes for party-goers to drink is not worth the potential trouble".

"This peace and tranquility for residents and visitors is more important than the visitor who feels the necessity for rowdiness and disturbing the peace," said Massell, who's also a board member of the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau".

All the visitors have to do is come to DeKalb County where our bars stay open until 6:00 AM, with the police working the door!

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Anonymous said...

If you take your personal vendettas out of this, this is something that a MAJOR city like Atlanta needed. Hell, in real cities, the alcohol sales are 24/7. In downtimes instead of continuating to look at fines, fees and other ways to screw the citizens who pay for everything, about letting us enjoy life again rather than making everything a police state. One of the few (and I do mean very few) good things Vernon did was veto Jeff Rader's "ME TOO" style legislation about rolling Dekalbs hours back. Does Decatur have these problems? How about unincorporated Fulton? What about Chamblee? You do know, they have late alcohol serving hours. And no, for the record, I do not drink but I do support anything that is legal and alcohol is a legal product. Regardless what I may PERSONALLY think of it, i'm not going to forbid others from doing it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blogmaster, can you post something about the rank structure committee so we can respond to the rumors? There is misinformation going out and it should be addressed,,thanks for considering!

I'm Ron Burgandy? said...

I love scotch. Scotchy, scotch, scotch. Here it goes down. Down into my belly.

Bob said...

The lack of nightlife has helped kill lots of convention business to the City of Atlanta. The excuses given for limiting alcohol sales really don't hold water. In fact, closing the bars early tends to send the drunks all out on the street at once instead of staggering them (no pun intended) throughout the night.

In tough economic times, it's hard to justify Atlanta biting the hand that feeds it... and bars definitely feed the local economy.

Anonymous said...

If people want alcohol sales curbed.. bars closed.. nighlife shut down.. MOVE TO ALBANY..
simple as that..

Anonymous said...

If you have 24/7 bar houes you need both an adequately manned pd and an effective one sadly neither Dekalb nor Atl passes on either count. It seems both jurisdictions have more than their fair share of thugs even with pac-man claiming he has seen the light.