Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Next Year's County Budget Could Be Facing An Excess Of A $40 Million Cut

Why do we get the feeling that this weeks 10 % reduction in pay is just the beginning? 2010 is looking blink.

Click here for The Champion article insinuating Burrell Ellis is hiding something.


Anonymous said...

That is because he is hiding something. All of you idiots thought that he was our savior however, he has turned out to be nothing but a regular politician. He is showing his true colors and this only the beginning. You guys will fall for anything.

Anonymous said...

You've got to wonder what planet Stokes is from - it states in this article that the County has had to dip into its reserves for the past 4 years in order to balance the budget - wasn't she on the Commission when this was going on? Didn't she understand that DeKalb would have some serious cutbacks after Dunwoody split off? What is she afraid of - that there won't be any money to pay her "administrative" staff? That is where the cuts should come from - strip all of the commissioners of their "administrative" staff and leave the poor hardworking, underpaid county employees alone. Call me - Tired of Hearing About It.

Anonymous said...

To my fellow officers:

For those of you who point the finger at Dunwoody breaking off should think about this if you would please. First, remember and/or understand that this agency did not satisfy the residents of Dunwoody per their needs or even fairly in my opinion. Mr. Jones and his appointed chiefs of past neglected them. As a north precinct officer, I speak from experience. We can't blame the City of Dunwoody. They did what they had to do by overwhelming majority; 82% if my memory serves me correctly. For many academy classes, we would only get a few officers. The rest of the precincts received many. So, I don't blame them for the county's lost revenue. You know where to point the finger. Dunwoody was no different than Sandy Springs, John's Creek, and Milton. They were tired of seeing all of their tax contributions heading south.

Second, though the staffing needs of the area feel short of what they needed, they always supported us officers and displayed so regularly with gifts of food for holidays. Even now, this still occurs.

Please, just think fairly and Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Anonymous said...

I work for sanitation how is that the sanitation department just bought a 65inch plasma to replace the old one that was a good size and they talk about wasteful spending and bought brand new four door trucks for the supervisors to waste tax payers money in, hired 4 general formen at 40000 plus a year and supervisors at 30000 plus a year we are so top heavy that the ship is about to tilt over

Anonymous said...

What DeKalb failed to do is downsize after losing the tax revenue of Dunwoody. The size of government continues to grow when the revenue doesn't come in. We are currently following the footsteps of Fulton County, with more furlough days coming. Fulton is up to 12 days of furlough next year.

Its obvious there isn't just waste in the Police Department, its all over this county. Unfortunately, jobs need to be cut all over and soon.