Wednesday, December 23, 2009

14 Suspected DeKalb Gang Members Indicted

We are the first to bust District Attorney Gwen Fleming's balls about her ineptness, but we have to give her office credit for this.

The question is; Are these thugs off the streets? We doubt it. They are probably out on bond running the streets.

Click here for the AJC story.


Anonymous said...

Of course, they are. I was looking to see if they were staying at the Dekalb County Bed and Breakfast (Dekalb County Jail) and it was no mention. Easy bonds, mean more probation issuances. At least APD has locked up several members of the 30 Deep Gang.

Anonymous said...

WHY aren't they in the B&B?? Is it financial issue? A space issue? A philosophy gone wrong? Apathy? Someone on the take?? Lack of understanding about the gang mentality?
Please discuss.
I'd like to have something I can go fight with. Unless this pattern changes, we will continue to be victimized by these parasites, and our officers will continue to be put in jeopardy by having them out on the streets.
Thank you for what you do -

Anonymous said...

Your probably looking at the 14 newest candidates for the "Jobs, not Jail" program that the DA is so proud of.

Anonymous said...

Jobs not Jail!! For law biding citizens who are having a tough time in the economy I could understand. We do not elect the DA to serve as Labor Commissioner. If Gwen wants to find jobs for citizens, then she needs to run for Michael Thurmond's seat. Gwen your job is to prosecute felony crimes! Gwen is starting to look alot like Jewel Scott (the former DA of Clayton who got the boot last year). Scott was more interested in having poetry recitals and considered herself only as an office manager.