Sunday, December 13, 2009

Does Gwen Fleming Think We Are Not Watching?

Jerry Baxter who was convicted in Fulton County for burglary and sentenced to 15 years, begins his trial in DeKalb County for burglary tomorrow December 14, 2009.

Will District Attorney Gwen Fleming take the easy route and offer him a plea with probation, or will she fall in line with Fulton County and actually carry out justice?

We'll be watching.

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Anonymous said...

Do I smell "probation??"

Anonymous said...

This just takes the pressure of Gwen. This perp do some hard prison time on his Fulton conviction, so she'll let him plead out (see "time served" and "probation") for an easy conviction. She'll get to pad her stats AND the perp will do time without the DeKalb DA's office lifting a finger.

LoFlyer said...

Gwen is concentrating on the school system at present, with limited resources it is only logical for Gwen to go after the easy low hanging fruit, I did see the inside of her new unit about six months ago, the employee ethics unit or something like that. They sure did look busy! So busy nothing has been published on their activities anywhere. You can come out Gwen, Vern is gone and its time for you to start doing your job. How much does the county pay you anyway?