Saturday, December 19, 2009

Dunwoody Police Postion Announcement

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Anonymous said...

Bye guys it's been nice working with you. There benefit/education package is outstanding. See ya!!!!!

Sylwester Wiƛniewski said...

Dude....Same B.S. just a different color car...I wish you well!!!

If they change my pension, I'm gone.... said...

Yeah...a different color car that he'll park in HIS driveway, that doesn't have drink cups in the holder, sunflower seed shells and dried up fries littering the floorboard from the slob ahead of you, and a working am/fm radio that hasn't been removed by his department.

Yeah....same B.S. JUST a different car.

Any idea how many furlough days are scheduled for Dunwoody next year or how many they had in 2009? Will their city council arbitrarily decide to just pay them less next year or pay them less for a pay period or two?

I'm gonna be a little short this month paying bills. Do you think the county will mind if I arbitrarily increase my pay check by 10% next pay period. Hey...things are tight in my household and it "HAS TO BE DONE". Cutting the household budget might get me in hot water with my constituents aka the wife and kids. It would be easier to TAKE IT from the county.

I'm must be getting old. I can't remember. The numbers escape me.

Also, what service pistol were they carrying? Was it a Smith in .40 cal?

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys are really sounding whiny about the furlough days. No doubt that no one is happy about it, but look around you. Cities, Counties and departments all over this country are furloughing employees in an effort to save jobs and not lay-off or fire anyone. The department I work for now pays it's officers in the $14-$16 range. We will all be taking one furlough day per month next year and probably into 2011. We got NO pay raise this year or merit increase, and we won't next year either. None of them are crying in their milk due to their pay being reduced because they understand that times are hard all over the place and they would take a furlough day than have one of their brother/sister officers be fired. Even with your furlough days you will make more than these guys do next year, even if they were not furloughed.

Take my Pay, but give me the day! said...

What I'm pissed about is that they gave me a furlough day, but I still had to work it.

If you're NOT gonna pay me, let me spend the time with family or working a part time job that will pay. If the budget is short, stand up like a leader and take that up with your constituents.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the poster about everyone is suffering. I've work for an agency where we all decided to add an hour to our shifts to make the limited budget work without sacrificing much needed personnel. Yeah, it does suck that our pay remains the same (welcome to the wonderful world of salary), it does suck that we had to chose between much needed equipment or raises and yes it does suck that we can't hire additional help at this time. But, this scenario is going through many agencies, private companies, and more. We are all taking one for the team.

Anonymous said...

We have a right to complain about OUR arbitrary pay cut because it could have been avoided. Tax revenues may be down, but the our county is suffering more from incompetence and corruption.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder how many of you furlough whiners voted for the previous CEO, V. Jones, who over spent to his own benefit constantly; and then re-elected him. the entire county has to pay for his greed. Just as the entire country will be paying for the greed of all of the politicians that are on office now.

Anonymous said...

Dunwoody Police have no furlough days and they pay was not cut for any employees. Plus they are paying officers overtime if they want to work any of there off days to patrol during the holidays.

Slamin Ethel said...

Guess what dummies, it's about to get worse why you ask.
Because Mr Ellis is about to pay out millions to settle a law suit brought on by that racist ass Vernon Jones.
Thats right in his quest to make the county a
"darker administration" by his own words not mine people, he fired qualified whites and replaced them with what we have today.
Yea I can agree the world is in a state of crisis but our crisis was brought on by Vernons mismanagment and lining his own pockets.
Just think if recorders ct was not missing the millons would we be in the position were in now, probably not.
So yes we have the right to complain about this in every aspect of the word.
Yes Im glad I have a job but it will get worse this year thanks to that weasel of a human Vernon.
Instead me and ol Ethel will have to cut back on our drinking now, im sure the smack down will get worse.

Anonymous said...

mannnnnnnnn F@#$%@#% vernon !

Anonymous said...

As a Officer working the beat, Believe it or not this blog has made it difficult to patrol and use "officer discretion". (from a previous post regarding furloughs and officers should not write tickets to protest) Well guess what...the Command staff actually read this blog...A certain Lt. at East Pct is monitoring stats and making sure officers does write tickets...he is making sure officers get written up for "not producing enough tickets or making arrests" They have called numerous officers in and counseled or threaten them that by not producing you will be moved to another precinct or another watch.
Now instead of making quality arrest officers will be making arrests by quantity and poor decisions. I make quality arrests, write tickets, patrol my territory as well as others, answer my calls and go 10-8 without spending too much time on any calls and still you get called into the office for being under a certain percentage, (but no one can tell me what the percentage is)
However, this is not enough, someone (major or captain) may need to have a word with this Lt. before DeKalb County gets another law suit by citizens for a civil right violation.

Anonymous said...

Any officer working in Dekalb County who can't write tickets for a fair amount legit traffic violations and make several arrests in a month is not doing his job. Period. This IS Dekalb Co after all. It's all out there for the pickins....and Vernon Jones is the worst thing that ever happened to the Dekalb Co PD.

Anonymous said...

Just a few questions for the person complaining about East Precinct. Did you actually read what your wrote??? You begin by saying people are being written up for, "not producing enough tickets or making arrests", then you say they are called into an office and counseled. So are they getting written up or told to increase productivity? If they are indeed getting written up there are channels to appeal such things and they can state their case. You also talk about how good of a job you do and then say how you get called into office, are you saying you're productive and still called in????

Maybe the situation is that the majority of officers do a good job. Then you always have a select few that would rather let others carry all the weight. We all know the slugs that work on each watch. A supervisor is not doing his/her job if they are not identifying and correcting said behaviour.

And lastly what does any of this have to do with Dunwoody PD hiring one police officer?

Anonymous said...

To Anony #12. Try working morning watch at any given precinct and let us know where any traffic about 3am. that's quality stops, not stop a car and make up PC as you go along..
To Anony #13.
I did read what I wrote, however, I can't put my stats on here because they will know who I am ... but I can say, my stats was outstanding for November and went down a little in December but not much because of the holiday, I have a heart and gave more breaks... remember our First Amendment rights does not apply at DeKalb Police that's why everyone wirtes anonymous. To answer your second part, "what does this have to do with Dunwoody Police". Again, its my First Amendment right (freedom of speech).. after all didn't you post on here about my post? So aren't you doing the same thing?