Friday, December 4, 2009

Fired Police Chief Terrell Bolton Ask DeKalb Citizens To Pay To Transcribe Appeal

It appears TeBo has finally run out of money. He is now asking the taxpayers of DeKalb County to help fund the lawsuit he filed against the county.

The nerve of this guy. The only tax money he should get is for a court appointed criminal defense attorney should he ever stand trial for all the money he stole from our citizens. Of course that will never happen.

Click here to read Atlanta Unfiltered article.


Anonymous said...

Why can't Bolton afford the transcription? Oh, he doesn't have a job!! Wait, I guess that means he's got lots of time on his hands to START TYPING!!

Anonymous said...

What happened to the insurance money from his burned out Magic Bus? Don't tell me he didn't have insurance!

Anonymous said...

LOL!! LOL!! LOL!! I needed this good laugh. Hey Bolton, I hear the city of Atlanta is looking for a police chief. Looking at their previous hires, you could easily fit in. You are controllable, you care nothing about public safety and you love being in the media. Hey, it seems perfect for you.

Anonymous said...

Chickens coming home to roooooost!