Thursday, January 14, 2010

Commissioners: No DeKalb Cop Will Lose Job

Four of the seven county commissioners said they are against the proposed cuts to the police department and want to hire more officers.

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Anonymous said...

"The proposal calls for a total of $12 million to be cut from the police budget, including training, cars and ballistic vests."

I'm as disappointed as anyone that we have to make any cuts, but seeing "ballistic vests" in the list of items lost is scary. I want training, I want a new car, but the notion that officers may not have the proper protection is downright disgusting.

Anonymous said...

So I say that we need to cut back on our Security of the commissioners everday of the week.
Surely that would help put officers on the street, and hell the commissioners can defend them self against any attack right?.
I mean citizens aren't mad as hell so im sure they will be safe.

Anonymous said...

Ballestic Vest are you out of you mind. you think losing money now is bad good forbid and officer or officers gets killed or badly wounded because you downgraded the vest. when we patrol the most dangerous streets in the state get your ass out of the ivory tower and get out on a beat then talk to the commissioners about getting rid of vest

Anonymous said...

The commissioners must live in fantasy land. I'm sure they'll hash out some half-axxed plan that will not lay anyone off at the expense of salary, training, and equipment.
If they were really serious about cutting cost they would eliminate either the assistant cheif or deputy chief positions. This department is still insanely top heavy and those positions are totally redundant.

For instance if you eliminated the deputy chief position. You would free up probably about a half million dollars, or more, in salary alone that could be put back into hiring line level officers. You would also have all of their aids back on the street where they could be put to better use fighting crime instead of proof reading paperwork.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is that if I get killed wearing an expired vest my family will own Dekalb Co. When that happens we will sell it piece by piece

Anonymous said...

Commissioners: No DeKalb Cop Will Lose Job. But They Might Lose Their Life. Sorry guys!

Uniform said...

Future Scenario based on this budget:

Officer: Radio, I'm behind a Code 4 vehicle and will follow till I have additional units

Radio: 10-4, all units 10-3.

Officer: Radio, NCIC shows the vehicle was taken in a 44/58

Radio: 10-4

Officer: Radio, the vehicle has spotted me and is now signal 71... we're getting on I-20 at Panola

Radio: 10-4

Supervisor: I'm clear that the vehicle is now 10-80 and was taken in a 44/58....update your 20 and speed

Officer: I'm approaching 285..speed 110

Supervisor: What's the mileage on your unit?

Officer: I have newer unit....204 thousand...

Supervisor: 10-4...go 10-8. Break it off

Officer:, give a lookout to all precincts.

Anonymous said...

How about a little common sense here. There is equipment that must be purchased: ammo, guns, radios, vests, etc. The BOC cuts these items on paper. Then they rob another area to pay for it. Very simple. Just something to look good on paper.

Anonymous said...

Guys, y'all know enough reporters and have a union to represent you on the vest issue. The commissioners don't want any bad drama and will fund your vests to avoid the flack from the citizens. This should be common sense stuff. I wonder how much staff is going to be cut in the CEO and BOC offices? Zero?

Anonymous said...

Some of you need to improve your reading comprehension skills. The Commissioners are not proposing the cuts in ballistic vests or training; those cuts are part of the CEO's proposed budget.