Friday, January 1, 2010

Deadly Start To The New Year

A 4 year old child dies in Center Precinct. It appears while the child was attending a midnight service at church, a stray round fired from the revelry of the surrounding area, entered the church and struck the child in the head. The child later died.

North Precinct recorded it's first stabbing homicide of the year.


Anonymous said...

We all need to step glad that we still have jobs....REMEMBER why we accepted those jobs and go out and stop bullsh-t like this from occurring.

Uniform said...

Stop BulllSh-t like this from occurring?

Tell that to the Sgt's, the Lt's, and the Majors.....they've got these rookies so focused tickets, that stopping something like this or covering the assigned territory is time drain that takes away from their number of tickets written.

The veterans who could stop something like this are too busy answering calls left pending by the rookies who aren't available or listening to their radios.

Its a vicious cycle.

Anonymous said...

I hope this story gets highly publicized so the idiots who participate in this juvenile, stupid behavior will knock it off next year.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it but this could have happened anywhere and to anyone.
It is very very tragic that a 4 year old child will never have the opportuity to grow up, because of some low life scum that has to crank off some rounds for his enjoyment.
Too damn bad that round didnt hit a crack head of dealer on the corner.
God has a plan for all of us no cop in the world could have prevented this even if we were sitting right next to the child.
Its not a Sgts fault a Lt's fault or a Majors fault, the blame falls directly on the piece of shit who pulled the trigger.
The only comfort I get from this, is the fact the child was in the lords house when this happened.