Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Feature....

We really don't like getting into state politics, but when it comes to Vernon Jones, we just can't help ourselves.

Turn your attention to the left side column and enjoy "Vernon Jones' Reading Room".


Anonymous said...

This is my favorite.

Anonymous said...

You should find and post the e mail that Major Doug Bolton wrote to Delalb employees when he retired about his thought on Jones.
Some of the archive links in the left col are dead links.

Note from DeKalb Officers: We just tested all links, they are working fine.


LoFlyer said...

I was kinda wondering what happened to the Parks & Rec racial discrimination suit against the county with good ole' Vern smack in the middle of it. My understanding of the issue is that the county has a hopeless case and will lose multi-millions after the county is defeated in the court. Did the county settle out of court?
I had a good long talk with the major before he retired. We went over the BS going down with the county, and Bolton reported he tried desperately to encourage someone to run against Vernon in his unopposed re-election. Which sort of points to the real problem with DeKalb government. Racial politics and a one party government that has overstepped its abilities and resources. Major Bolton is a true hero who could no longer remain quiet over Vernon's ethics.
I thought some heads would roll after the email, but there was little fallout, seems strange in retrospect. I suspect HR failed to notify IT to shut down the majors email account after he retired.

Anonymous said...

Vernon isn't a constitutional lawyer, according to his attorney, so he can't be expected to understand such complex constitutional issues as The First Amendment!

Then he says he's not familiar with the constitution, he's familiar with DeKalb County, but he doesn't know if calling someone the n word violates county policy??

Who voted for this moron??

Anonymous said...

"Who voted for this moron?"....that's easy..other morons voted for that moron and those morons will surely vote for that moron again. It's Dekalb Co...remember?

Anonymous said...

Tell ya what Jones, why don't you join the Army or Marines if they'd have you and serve your country and gain some management skills, accomplish something, learn to motivate and lead the right way...when you get out, get a real job and use those skills you may have learned and earn a respectfull reputation. Maybe then your could serve your community in a respectable productive manner.Baring that just stop bothering us with the old or the so called new VJ cause we ain't bittin on that same 'ole rotton minner anymore.