Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Video Of Director Miller Addressing the Dunwoody City Council

Click here for video


Anonymous said...

wow. did he really we cant keep 911 operators cause of stress not boredom and did he say that alot of times the 911 operators send officers and firefighters to their last call and they never come back alive? what are the stats he based that on? (38:17 mark)he doesnt understand the technical aspects of 911, he has no fire or rescue training, and he is the one responsible for our safety? please let me retire before the county gets sued and there is nothing to pay my pension.

Anonymous said...

I think the saddest thing about this InterAct system are these two points that, since its inception, have never been corrected/improved and Lord knows if they ever will:

1. It is not user-friendly. This equals STRESS, STRESS, STRESS!!!

2. When errors are advised to radio operators, for whatever the reason(s), they never are corrected.

Anonymous said...

Units: STOP ADVISING RADIO OPERATORS OF THE ERRORS AND PUT IT ON PAPER TO YOUR SGT.We can not go into the CAD system to change anything but a SIGNAL!!Contact CAD analysis,submit the change whose territory/precinct the call should be on. AGAIN RADIO OPERATORS DO NOT HAVE ACCESS TO THE INTERFACE/INNER WORKINGS OF THE CAD SYSTEM,telling radio all day long is only wasting your breathe.#2 We are Short Staffed for whatever reason I have been with the county for over 12yrs. I can't even begin to count how many people have come and gone a)they can't do the job b)PEOPLE DON'T KNO WHAT THEY ARE GETTING INTO WHEN THEY APPLY FOR THIS JOB c)room full of women(enough said) d)UNPROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT STAFF,SOME WHO ARE NOT QUALIFIED TO MANAGE ANYONE!!! There are alot of issues that was told to Cameron and Associates,were they handled? No We deal with it because some of us are vested, economy is bad and we do need our jobs right now!