Thursday, April 29, 2010

GSU Study of Dekalb's Organizational and Structure Analysis

Some have asked that we post Georgia State University's study into DeKalb's organization and structure.

Click here to read it in it's entirety.


Wise Guy said...

OMG what a great study, I'll bet the BOC and the CEO (Little Guy) do absolutely none of the aforementioned. If I'm not mistaken I believe Commissioner Rader has some type of degree or consulting business which assist Government agency's in stream lining. (don't hold me to that please). Hey look the BOC has already taken away 10 paid holidays and I expect more to follow, I commend the Officers working for DKPD, their morale seems high. I think they do this job because they love it and most would probably do it for free. Now lets cut the cheese and get rid of 909 unnecessary positions. If we keep the PSD position then lets get rid of the PD/FD Chiefs, don't need them from where I sit.

Anonymous said...

Comparing my old county (Dekalb) with my current county (Gwinnett)illustrates obvious issues. Such as, Dekalb is way too top heavy, way to expensive, and has way too many chiefs instead of indians. What a horribly mismanaged county!

Anonymous said...

Just did a really quick glance over this study. First thing is that our salaries must be really low compared to other places. They say we have double the people but our budget doesn't really reflect that. Secondly, Don't really think I want to work for the sheriff. Combining police academies is not good and will never happen. Getting rid of investigative aides and screening will only result in officers being removed from the street.