Tuesday, April 27, 2010

So Predictable. Just As We Called It, DeKalb Chief Financial Officer Says GSU Study Is Flawed

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Anonymous said...

What I find the most infuriating about DeKalb is that our leaders ignore good advice(after paying cash for it) and then do some of the dumbest shit that even a child would not consider. Running a government is not rocket science but you do have to know what you are doing or listen to people who do know how to make it work. DeKalb has become way to ever-extended and needs to reorganize and reevaluate what the county can afford. It has only taken DeKalb four decades to go from first to worst. Our schools suck, the cops are are going down hill, and DeKalb government is bloated and inefficient.
On the positive side we have some cool new libraries, we have water and skate-board parks. We have a really nice new barn for the horse-park, we have spiffy new schools, we have two really nice RV's sitting at Fleet maintenance unused and depreciating in value. We have an expensive 911 call center that doesn't seem to work real well but looks impressive, and we have an expensive DEMA control room that will only be used once a decade. We have economic development sucking up a lot of cash but producing negligible results. We have a extension service that specializes in home economic courses that are better taught in high school. I could go on forever on this stuff.
So instead of waiting for a study and cutting back on non-essential services as described above, what does the county do but offer a really nice retirement incentive that eliminates DeKalb's most experienced and productive employees. This is stupid. I advise all DeKalb employees to find employment elsewhere. Y'all deserve better than this.

Anonymous said...

If you know when you hear the truth that you are going to sayits wrong save the money it just keep kissing each others asses. This place has become so high and mighty on its self that it doesn't realize that we are still doing it WRONG

Anonymous said...

LoFlyer, You have a wealth of knowledge!!!!! Thank you

Wise Guy said...

So Mr. CEO has 13 employees assigned to his office which are being paid for from different departmental budgets. So when they are ask to reduce there budgets they should simply eliminate the funding they are being forced to use to pay for Mr. CEO's friends to have jobs. For example why does the police department need an attorney assigned to them ? Mr. Terry Phillips who once worked for the County Attorneys Office, left to run the Dekalb Recorders Court into the ground. Once he was finished there he was reassigned to the 4th floor of HQ where he now sits in an office doing nothing all day long. I wonder who's budget he is being paid out of?
Another example school crossing guards, why does DKPD have to pick the tab up for them, when the School system opted to start their very own police force, why aren't they paying for them Mr. CEO can you address that for us please.
Then we have all of these studies commissioned by the BOC that tax dollars pay for, only to have the recommendations ignored, just like Priceless Water Hose study which cost 100's of 1000's of dollars only to be ignored. As for Mr. Mike Bell what a piece of shit, not to mention Joe Stone, just a bunch of VJ appointees. Oh yea did you catch the interview with the Parks and Recreation Director, I'm not blaming the fella for only having a 4 grade education (hell I only went to the 3rd grade myself) but give me a break "Was alls theses peoples goings to do fer jobs". Ok I think we can vacate his position.

Anonymous said...

It's good that outsiders are finally finding out what a mismanaged nut house Dekalb really is..I atribute the revelation to this blog.