Thursday, May 13, 2010

Could this be the sidewalk leading to headquarters? Is the county so broke it can't even get the grass cut?

Good lord, it's not safe to walk around the building, there could be varmints in there. No, not the 4th floor, in the grass. It won't be much longer before we can swing from the P.D. building to the F.D. building using the vines growing up the side of the building.

Has S.W.A.T. been training all week by just laying in the grass to see if anybody will see them?

What a disgrace! We hear the brass is going to start breaking balls over uniform appearance, and they are worried about dirty cars. Hell, the cars are libel to be overtaken by the kudzu at night.

What a joke.


Anonymous said...


Take a stroll through center's roll call room and you'll immediately notice that all the tables and chairs have been pushed back to clear a large inspection area up front.

I'm waiting for them to erect reserved signs similar to the plethora of reserved signs that dominate center's parking lot! I didn't know we had so many VIP's!

Don't get me started on the morale and the things that come down from the white shirts and pimped out Crown Vics

Anonymous said... forgot to also include the fact that you have to have written authorization from a lieutenant or above before you can swap out worn gear down at Supply.


And they let us carry guns!

These policies/rules come from that time honored DKPD tradition of disciplining the entire department instead of talking to or taking the problem children out to the woodshed.

Anonymous said...

Do you think we have a problem. Every time I come to CID with a prisoner I see the building and parking lot looking like a place in downtown Atlanta.

Slamin Ethel said...

Hell whata yall bitching about, everytime I see headquarters Im automatically filled with patriotic joy.
I mean "Amber waves of grain" are blowing in the wind. I thought that was the goal to let the grass and weeds become so high that we would think of the star spangled banner.
I think it is genius, these white shirts know exactly what they are doing.
How can this not boost morale, when a white shirt walks into centers roll call they will stand at attention, and salute them with the grain blowing in the backgorund.
This is a real photo op for someone.
I for one am proud of my command staff to take such actions, just think of the money being saved on landscaping.
Im guessing we are getting bonus'es soon with the money saved.
Look Dekalb has a reputation to uphold, and without the buildings looking like shit were just not gunna fit in with the rest.
Now that is important that we do so that we dont hurt the populations feelings.
Its a kinder, gentler philophsy around the place you know "Leadership from the top down"
Now be sure to shine your boots boys and girls, and wear your underwear there may be an inspection.

Anonymous said...

The Director wants us to enforce our 'clean vehicle' policy! Does anyone know what our clean vehicle policy is, pertaining to washing the cars? Dont think we have one.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what postive changes have taken place sine Obrien took over? Im sure there are some, Im just having a hard time recalling them right now. Hmmmmmmmm? Our CID/Specialized Unit selection process is still a joke (buddy/buddy system), the precincts still have 20 officers each assigned to ICP, CAD system is still a joke, officers still have to pay to park at ALS hearings, we cant drive units to part times but the chiefs can, (we still have chiefs working part time jobs; how embarrassing), uniform still has to fight to get time off - unless of course you are ICP, then u get every holiday off, we still have to wait for cars during shift change, while ICP/NET gets their cars 1st only to go eat breakfast together, while calls are pending.

I'm Ron Burgandy? said...

I thought you were kidding. I thought it was a joke, I even wrote it down in my diary. Veronica had a very funny joke today. I laughed at it later that night.

Anonymous said...

Most of the county buildings lawn services is by contract, blow and mow as they say. None of the contractors employee speak english and my guess is at least half are illegals. DeKalb is a proud sanctuary city of some note. I have no idea why DKPD hasn't been mown lately, my guess is the contractors are not being paid. Perhaps someone from parks and rec can help you out on that.
I too am disappointed in O'Briens lack of initiative over the last year. I know he used to keep up with this blog, so he should be aware of the discontent of the troops.
I hate to say this because I like O'Brien and his personal staff. They are all good people. But there comes a time when you have to lead, make changes and improvements, and even think "outside the box" if DKPD is to make progress reigning in the rampant crime within DeKalb. O'Brien is a really nice guy but he is not a "hard-charger" who pisses people off and gets the job done. That's what DeKalb needs and I think O'Brien is probably aware of this. I have the feeling that the CEO and BOC would cut down O'Brien without a thought at the first sign of controversy in DKPD. I was extremely surprised to see O'Brien selected in the first place, the racial demographics are all wrong.
What the hell is the "Wiz" doing? He is the one who should be providing guidance and cover for the Chief, and his demographics are right. It is past time for command to step up and get things done around here.
The very best of luck, mates!

Anonymous said...

Word is Whittington is going to take a day off to bring his mower, weedeater and glass of captain to assist with this problem....lookout Buddy!! Im sure Higdon will be there in his Panama Jack shorts and wife beater as well.

Anonymous said...

Do you really think Burrell Ellis is letting O'Brian run this department. Ya you got a Burrell boy above him and a Burrell boy below him. All Bill O'Brian is is a figure head kinda like the royal family in england. If Ellis actually let O'Brian run this place with out the Burrell boys ready to stab the first chance they got. this place would be able to come back. but guess what thats not happening

Anonymous said...

Hey I got an idea..Just park the magic bus and the sky lift observation trailer on the grass. That way it will stay pushed down, and we can move it around every few days to keep it even. That way we won't hafta pay for having it cut and the bus will become useful...heeeee

Anonymous said...

Awesome pic.

Duh, are we still talking about O'Brien being a Chief? Royal family figure head is exactly right. Wiz will/does chop his tree every chance he gets. Too bad he wont let him exercise some real authority, if they actually teamed up and worked together respectfully, man, that would be a sight to see. They both have the leadership and DKPD heart. But, honestly, I'll take either of their pay, but it's a lose lose situation for both of them outside of the checks they cash. Neither one of them can stand up to Ellis and demand the real change we need.

Anonymous said...

Ya ever notice the the projects in Scottdale get their grass cut on a regular basis....errrrrks me to see the government cutting the lawn there with working age bum's sitting on the porch and lingering around doing nothing and getting their grass cut on us ...God Bless Amerika...such as it is now.

Anonymous said...

I like to see Lt.Whittington cut grass ,be the first work that has been done at the building since it was promoted.

I guess we will wait and see if he completes the job.

Anonymous said...

Le the grass and weeds grow just like the perps who come to our county.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Director Miller when we need leadership to combat out grass and weeds?

Anonymous said...

Why does ICP still have cars assigned to them and parked when they are not working?

Anonymous said...

Just how many Mobile Precincts do we have............4 could be agood number.

It's a joke and the citizens feel the same way. When will it ever end.

W have one that has heated marble floors.

I guess they will be warm in the winter.

Senator Blutarsky said...

Hey, the Fire Department got their grass mowed.

Why in the hell can't P.D. get their grass mowed?

Where is Parks n Rec or Public Works? Seems like it would just take a phone call.

If Wiz can't even swing enough weight to get the grass mowed, God help us all.

I hear incompetence bubbling to the surface. This is starting to become a sad joke.

Bolton sucked, but I seriously
doubt he would allow headquarters to look some housing project.

Where is Keisha "Poinsettia" Williams when we need her?

Anonymous said...

Is that why we have a raccoon the size of a dog running loose in the parking lot? I mean this thing is not afraid of anyone,it doesn't runaway when you pull up,yell at it or blow your horn. The cats are taking over too, I guess they are hiding out in the jungle at 34 too!

Anonymous said...

We have a Director with 2 drivers. Now what has changed between him and Bolton.

Anonymous said...

Those cats at 34 are Higdons personal pets...he can be found every day feeding them and walking the fence line going "here lil buddy, here lil buddy". Sometimes Whittington comes stumbling out of the woods saying "you call me Higgy?".

Anonymous said...

Hmm, it's that tall and if your grass at your home is too tall the Code enforcement people come out and write you a ticket. Nice.