Friday, May 21, 2010

Freaky Friday --- You Are Threatening In My Ear!



Slamin Ethel said...

The bottom line is that without US THE POLICE OFFICERS, your sorry asses wouldnt be able to live in peace and harmony.
You sit on your high horses and yell for help from who, the police officer to come and rescue you from what ever threat that sits before you.
Hell I dont even know how to respond anymore to the bullshit as Lee Mays said that continues to thrive in our county commissioners.
Just what was said in Ol Vernons ear by Mr. Ellis, I would love to know.
Maybe it went somthing like this "Hey you bastard after this meeting im going to take you out back and stomp your ass"
Now that is worthy of hearing in my ear, heck I would even pay good money to watch this.
I guess MR.CEO'S support of the police dept has fallen by the wayside, until ofcourse we are needed to sit infront of his home.
Then we are supported for the actions we will take, that he cannot.
I hate pansy asses that cower down behind a locked door, and scream for help.
For gods sake step up the plate, get your tail out of your ass and handle your business like a man.
Damn Im mad today!!! Someone is in line for a smackdown, poor souls dont even know it's a coming either.
Where in the hell is that sorry as Ethel when I need her.

Anonymous said...

Slamin Ethel, this all reminds me of the old saying "dial 911 and die."

I'm en route to you, but it may take a minute or two to get across town to your house.

The bottom line is that I'm here to help but I can't be everywhere. You need to help yourself before I can help you.

If you're unable or unwilling to stand up and defend yourself until we arrive, all I can do is file a report and have radio advise the on-call detective.

Anonymous said...

If I'm gonna be threatened in an orifice, I'd rather it be my ear.

Anonymous said...

HEY. It's about time you stopped slamin Ethel. She's probably done more to keep you sane, feed you, keep you clothed, clean up your messes, put up with your bs, than anyone else on the planet. Who else would put up with you? Peace be with you, my precious.

Anonymous said...

Freakin half ring circus with a bunch of jackasses presiding.

I'm Ron Burgundy? said...

The arsonist has oddly shaped feet.

Anonymous said...

This sounds like he has become a "LITTLE VERNON" and what is the next move he has in store for the police department.

Anonymous said...

damn I missed that meeting, and I was required to be stationed at so many of those meetings during that time...what an "oldie but goodie," surely the funniest danngone video clip I have seen since TeBo tried to walk into the back room of Decatur PD!! Keep em coming, blogmaster!!